Sanford Rose Associates Scam: Details About Reviews of Daisy’s WhatsApp Message

Sanford Rose Associates Scam: We provide comprehensive information not found elsewhere about a job scam related to a WhatsApp message from Daisy at Sanford Rose Associates.

Job scams, particularly in European countries, are increasingly prevalent, with a significant surge in WhatsApp recruitment messages. What’s the purpose behind these messages? Let’s probe into the Sanford Rose Associates Scam involving the WhatsApp message from Daisy to learn more.

Sanford Rose Associates Scam

This WhatsApp recruitment scam message was brought to light on is a platform where users can report and share information about scams and fraudulent activities, allowing individuals to alert one another about potential scams, deceptive websites, phishing emails, and other online frauds. The site maintains a valuable database of reported scams and user reviews to help ascertain the authenticity of a website or email.

Sanford Rose Associates WhatsApp Message

The thread #703964 was initiated by a user who received a WhatsApp message from +13804656406. The sender introduced herself as Daisy, a recruiter from Sanford Rose Associates. The message read: “Hi, my name is Daisy. I am a recruitment consultant for Sanford Rose Associates. We have received your job application. Are you still looking for a job?”

Sanford Rose Associates Reviews

Sanford Rose Associates is a global executive recruitment firm specializing in assisting organizations in finding top talent for various industries and positions. On their official website,, you can find information about their services, team, and client testimonials. They offer recruitment opportunities for senior-level executives, managers, and professionals in fields such as finance, healthcare, technology, sales, marketing, and more.

Daisy Sanford Rose Associates Applications

The user who received the WhatsApp message mentioned that they had not applied for any job, making this recruitment offer from Sanford Rose Associates appear suspicious. Furthermore, the contact number had a country code of +13, which is associated with South Africa. However, no information about the sender was available in the directory, except that it was a business account.

Sanford Rose Associates WhatsApp Scam

Comments in the thread #703964 unanimously classified such messages as scams and phishing attempts. In the past, there were at least four messages with identical text but from different recruiters and recruitment agencies. Therefore, the WhatsApp message about Sanford Rose Associates’ job offers should be treated as a scam.

Authenticity of Sanford Rose Associates Daisy Messages

It’s crucial to note that not all WhatsApp recruitment messages are scams. WhatsApp supports business accounts for various entities, including e-stores like Amazon, banks, and recruitment agencies. Users should be vigilant and look out for signs of a scam, such as spelling or grammatical errors, international numbers, third-party website links requesting personal and payment details, or a call to a specific contact number. Sanford Rose Associates Reviews indicate that they are a reputable global recruitment firm.

To confirm the legitimacy of the sender of the WhatsApp message, applicants should verify their authenticity, especially if the contact number does not match Sanford Rose Associates. It’s recommended to reach out to customer service to verify job offers or apply for jobs through the official website rather than relying solely on Sanford Rose Associates Daisy.


In the thread, the user neither sought further information from the sender to confirm their authenticity nor provided information via email. However, in the past, reaching out to such recruiters often led to the leakage of personal and payment details for purposes like background checks, flight ticket bookings, hotel reservations for interviews, or job site relocation, which was typically a phishing attempt.

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