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Find exclusive info on Sticky Golf Pro Reviews to explore its attributes, authenticity, and how these golf mats elevate your chipping abilities.

Golf, a physical activity promoting skill development, social interaction, relaxation, and personal challenge, has a rich history and is revered as a luxury sport in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Explore Sticky Golf Pro Reviews to gain insights into a training kit.

An Overview of Sticky Golf Pro Reviews

The Sticky Golf Pro set is an accessory designed to enhance a golfer’s chipping prowess. Comprising a mat with distinct target zones, each scored between 10 and 100, this equipment allows golfers to practice hitting balls towards these targets, simulating real chipping scenarios on an actual golf course.

This tool aims to refine golfers’ accuracy, trajectory, and distance control specifically for chip shots.

Using the Sticky Golf Pro

  • Find a suitable flat area either outdoors or in a spacious room.
  • Hang the sticky mat on a vertical surface using stakes.
  • Select a golf club that suits your preferences.
  • Place golf balls on the grass mat.
  • Stand a few paces away from the mat.
  • Visualize the intended target on the sticky mat.
  • Swing the club to hit the target.
  • Regular practice is key to consistent target hits.
  • Alter the mat’s placement to heighten difficulty levels.
  • Focus on improving specific shot types.

Sticky Golf Pro’s Specifications

  • Name: Sticky Golf Pro™ Ultimate Edition.
  • Purchase at:
  • Original Price: $180.
  • Discounted Price: $89.95/unit.
  • Discount Percentage: 50%.
  • Warranty: 30-day replacement.
  • Brand: Sticky Golf Pro.
  • Manufacturer/Agency/Distributor: Unspecified.
  • Mat Size: 6ft x 5ft.
  • Package includes: Four sets of Golf balls in four different colours, a sticky mat, a chipping mat, six ground stakes, and a storage box.
  • Weight (approximate): 1.5 kg.
  • Color: Green.
  • Form Factor: Foldable.


  • Provides a realistic feel for shot angles.
  • Portable with a free storage and carry bag.
  • Improves golfer’s skills effectively.
  • Cost-effective compared to professional sets.
  • Convenient and engaging for family and friends.

Potential Disadvantages

  • Does not include golf clubs.
  • May develop creases over time.
  • Limited to vertical surface use.
  • Does not cover various golf shot types.
  • May lead to repetitive swing patterns.
  • Lacks monitoring or feedback mechanisms.

Assessing Sticky Golf Pro’s Effectiveness

  • Investigating the Sticky Golf Pro kit and its brand authenticity to ascertain its value proposition.

Brand Insights

  • Sticky Golf Pro is a generic brand.
  • is a 2-month and 13-day old website registered on 5th September 2023.
  • The website’s life expectancy is short, expiring within 9 months and 18 days.
  • has below-average trust, minimal business, zero Alexa rank, 1% Domain Authority, negligible monthly visitors, zero traffic value, suspicions, threats, phishing, malware, and spam scores.

Product Details

  • Sticky Golf Pro is promoted on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The product is exclusively available on
  • The set has been on sale at since 21st October 2023.
  • Sticky Golf Pro Reviews determined that permits ordering quantities of up to 10,000 in a single order.
  • Contacting’s customer service is challenging as their email and contact number are unspecified.

Customer Feedback

Reviews from eight websites, one YouTube, and two TikTok channels suggest doubts regarding Sticky Golf Pro’s authenticity. Further details on the product’s legitimacy can be found here. utilizes an internal review system where all product reviews are uniformly positive, rated 5-stars, which raises scepticism about their credibility.


Given the lack of diverse customer reviews and ratings, poor website scores, and absence of the product on other e-commerce platforms, Sticky Golf Pro Reviews tentatively considers the Sticky Golf Pro kit as potentially illegitimate.

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