Stiiizy Battery Not Working | How to Fix? (Full Guide)

If your Stiiizy battery is also not working, you are at the right article. 

In this article, we have thoroughly explained the Stiiizy batteries. We have mentioned all the possible causes of why the Stiiizy battery not working. Thus, read this article and figure out how to fix your Stiiizy battery. 


Let’s begin the guide!! 

What are Stiiizyy Batteries?

Stiiizy is one of the best battery brands in the market. They consist of a powerful 210mAh lithium-ion battery in their products. Thus, you don’t need to recharge the battery. It allows you to have a safe and burn-free experience. But the battery can not deliver the higher temperatures. 

Stiiizy even designs the BIIIG battery, which is a 550mAh rechargeable battery. It can work at higher temperatures too. These lithium-ion batteries also have one more side, making them inefficient and dead after a specific time. 

How to Figure Out If Your Stiiizy Battery Is Not Working?

One of the simple steps to figure out your battery’s condition is to look directly at the LED lights. All the STIIIZY batteries come with an integrated LED light. Looking at the LED lights, you can understand the battery a lot. We have mentioned some of the examples below: 

  • White Light: It shows that the Pod is activated. 
  • Blinking White Light: If the white light blinks twice, it indicates that the Pod is inserted correctly. It flashes after a long draw. This also shows that the battery limit is reached. 
  • Red Light: It shows that the Pod needs recharging. It will automatically turn white if it gets fully charged. 
  • Blinking Red Light: It simply shows a poor pod connection. 

It would help if you remembered that it should appear as a white LED light when you check out the battery. But it should come up as white light after the first draw. It is the signal of an excellent battery. 

Causes of Stiiizy Battery Not Working

There are various causes of Stiiizy battery not working, and we have mentioned some of them below:

  • Lithium-ion doesn’t last more than 2-3 years. Thus, it can die after a specific time. 
  • The battery can get worse if you constantly keep your battery either at 100% or 0%. Therefore, it is better to charge a battery to 80% instead of 100%. 
  • The battery might also only be working if the cartridge is complete. Thus, you have to replace the cartridge. 
  • The battery might also only work if the connections in the Pod are clean. 
  • The battery might not work if the pod atomizer gets burned out. 

Suppose you find the Stiiizy battery not working for any other reason. You can get in touch with the support team of the Stiiizy. They will help you out of the situation. 

How to Fix A Bad Stiiizy Battery?

If your stiiizy battery is not working correctly, we have brought a four-step process to replace the battery. 

Step – 1: Re-check Your Old Battery

Primarily, you should figure out whether the problem is in the battery or the charging cable. You will need the pH pen to check the battery’s condition. You have to place the pH pen’s tip to the hole at the side of the batteries and let it be for a few seconds. If the battery is defective, it will have a reading of 4.6 or lower. 

However, if you have a digital multimeter, you can place the metal ends of red and black probes at the top of the battery. Set your multimeter to the ohms, and ensure that the reading is not lower than 50 kilohms; otherwise, the battery is no longer usable. 

Remember one thing: a pH pen might be easier to use, but the digital multimeter is more accurate in a reading. 

Step – 2: Remove and Replace the Battery

Please take out the screwdriver and use it to remove the old battery. Make sure to keep your screws in a safe place so that they won’t get lost. Now, insert the new battery and fix all the screws as they were. 

Alternatively, you can sell the battery’s positive and negative ions with the contact. You should also use isopropyl alcohol to clean out any mess made in the process. 

It would help if you remembered one thing: soldering lithium-ion batteries is a little risky. Thus, you need proper equipment and gear; if you do not have the appropriate equipment, you should avoid it instead. 

Step- 3: Test and Charge the battery

Hold down the power button of the Pod and verify whether the battery is working correctly. It is appropriately working if the light blinks green. Now, you must put this battery on the charge and wait until it charges completely. 

However, if your light doesn’t blink or blinks red, then you have to change the battery again. 

Step – 4: Dispose of the Old Battery Properly

You should not just throw away the dead lithium-ion battery. It causes damage to the environment. Therefore, you should take these batteries to the local recycling center or the manufacturer. 

Final Words

Stiiizy battery is one of the standard batteries in the market for pods. It consists of a fantastic experience. However, it only works sometimes. We have mentioned the reasons why the Stiiizy battery is not working and how to fix it. We hope you like the guide and find all the relevant information. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why is my Stiiizy battery not turning on?

One of the most common reasons your Stiiizy battery is not working could be a dead battery. A lithium-ion-based battery generally works only for 2-3 years. This lifespan could be lower if you do not treat the battery correctly. We suggest you neither keep your battery constant at 100% or 0%. 

  • What to do when Stiiizy stops working?

It would help if you tried to charge the battery at a low voltage for 30-45 minutes. You can also try hitting the battery to clear out any clogs. Therefore, try out such tips to restart your Stiiizy battery. 

  • How do you test a Stiiizy battery? 

You will have an LED light at the bottom of your STIIIZY battery. Use this simple 3-step process to clear out your stiiizy battery. 

  1. If the white light turns on, it simply means that the battery has been correctly inserted into the Pod. 
  2. It is better if the white light blinks twice. It shows the proper installation at the magnetic base. 
  3. If the red light pops up, it will indicate the wrong insertion. 
  • How do you charge a dead Stiiizy?

  1. Strip out the android charger cable and nick the portion of the cable that leads to the micro USB outlet. 
  2. It would help if you connected the Red and Black wire to the Stiiizy Pod. 
  3. Finally, connect your mr cable to the Power source. 
  4. It will allow you to smoke the Stiiizy Pod. 

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