‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp Has Spoken: Will is Gay and in Love with Mike

Stranger Things Season 4, even though it left us hanging and eager to know more, brought closure to many things, too. A standout among the significant events in the arcs of the characters was the one of Will Byers, which provided an insight into the way the character has developed. Since the second volume of the show, debates about Will’s sexuality were taking place in both offline and online forums. The monologue Will gives in the van, where Will informs Mike the importance he has to his family and friends has sparked discussions regarding Will having a gay relationship and falling in love with Mike.

In putting all the debates to the wind, Noah Schnapp, who plays Will’s character in The Netflix program speaking to Variety has confirmed that Will is, in fact, is gay. Noah continues to say that there have been hints of it being mentioned since the beginning of the beginning of Season 1. “I I mean, it’s quite clear that this season Will is in love with Mike. They’ve deliberately pulled out that storyline over the past couple of seasons. In season one they made a hint at it and gradually, gradually, they grew the storyline.”

The actor of 17 years old said that Season 4 was different for his character’s the shoes of the character. The previously non-personal supernatural dark elements of the plot changed to Noah looking into the character (Will) “navigating the waters of his own personal identity problems. “It was something I had never experienced before,” he said.

The show’s executive producers and creators, Matt and Ross Duffer were slow in their approach to Will’s storyline as growing up and dealing with his inner struggles related to his identity in the 1980s. As Will growing older and moving through his teens this is now evident. “Now that he is older, they have made it an extremely real and evident fact. It is now absolute that he’s gay and loves Mike,” Noah said.

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 was first released on July 1st and revealed Hawkins, the city of Hawkins injured, with a large opening upside-down. It’s also evident that Vecna is injured badly but is not dead. Season 5 of The Walking Dead is currently in the making and will wrap up the story of five seasons. Fans are expecting a lot from their favourite characters, and especially Will whom they believe is the central figure in everything. Do you agree?

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