Strict Dad Weird Roblox: Find Vital Particulars About the Script, Wiki!

The article centres around the popular Roblox game “Strict Dad Weird Roblox” providing details into the game’s script and wiki details.

For those with a penchant for Roblox games, you might be interested in the viral sensation “Strict Dad Weird Roblox” that’s currently making waves globally.

Strict Dad Weird Roblox

Strict Dad is a Roblox game crafted by Blueloop Studios. Drawing inspiration from “Residence Massacre” and Jim’s computer games, the developer ingeniously wove elements of his own life into the game’s storyline. Based on his overprotective dad, the game places players in the role of the weird dad’s son.

The game starts off rather pleasant, with players following the father’s instructions. However, as night falls, the dad becomes possessed by malevolent spirits, transforming the game into a challenging survival experience.

Details of the Weird Strict Dad Script

The script of Weird Strict Dad centres on the stern father who tasks his son with various household chores, such as cleaning the house and doing laundry. Moreover, the peculiar dad insists on a regular meal schedule and early bedtime for his son.

A Big Nighttime Challenge in the Script

The strict dad is particularly adamant about his son getting enough sleep and not waking up at night, as he believes dark spirits might possess him. Nevertheless, the son often feels hungry during the night and embarks on a mission to satisfy his cravings. This is where the Weird Strict Dad Script takes a thrilling twist. The son, hungry and in need of food, must navigate the house to reach the kitchen.

The Haunted Night

However, during the night, the father becomes possessed, making it a perilous journey for the son. The player’s task is to evade the possessed dad and safely return to their room for sleep. Getting caught by the dad results in the player’s demise, and the game restarts from scratch. To progress, players must skilfully protect themselves during these treacherous nighttime excursions.

Strict Dad Weird Roblox Wiki Details

Here’s an insight into the crucial details found in the Weird Strict Dad Roblox Wiki:

  • Game Genre: Dad horror, possessed dad, odd strict dad, residence massacre.
  • Game Creation Date: September 16, 2023.
  • Last Update: October 15, 2023.
  • Developed by: Blue Loop Studios.
  • Owner and Scripter: @lionel760x.
  • Animator: @Keitaro.
  • MapMaker: @RendyFX.
  • Age Limit: Recommended for players over 13 years old.
  • Platform: Playable on PlayStation, Roblox, and Xbox.
  • Violence Level: Occasional violent scenes.
  • Blood Scenes: Light blood depictions.
  • Crude Humor: Moderate level.

Mastering the Gaming Controls

The Wiki also shares insights into the gaming controls to enhance the gaming experience:

  • To sprint, press Button L2/Shift.
  • For interactions, press Button Square or Button X, E, or hold.
  • To activate the flashlight, press Button Square or Button X/F.
  • For crouching, press Button Triangle, Button Y, or C.


The trending Roblox game, “Strict Dad Weird Roblox” according to many players, is hailed as one of the scariest in the Roblox universe, featuring a multitude of exciting levels and badges to be earned. Escaping from the clutches of the strict dad poses a thrilling challenge in this game. So, are you up for it? Share your thoughts on this game in the comments.

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