The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Dark Hair

After years of experimenting with different colors in your wardrobe, you may have discovered certain shades that you consistently gravitate towards. Whether you prefer an all-black ensemble or are drawn to bold hues like purple or orange, understanding a bit of color theory can help enhance your natural features, especially when you have dark hair. To uncover the best colors for those with black or brown tresses, we consulted style experts for their insights. Here are some hues they recommend:

1. Hot Pink

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Hot pinks and magentas are currently on-trend and can be effortlessly pulled off, even if you’re not a fashion expert. Personal stylist Rachel Varney suggests that hot pink is particularly flattering for individuals with dark hair, fair skin, and warmer undertones. Try incorporating this vibrant color with a peppy crew-neck sweater or go bold with a shift dress.

2. Emerald Green

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For a less common color to pair with dark hair, consider emerald green. According to Varney, the deep tone of emerald complements dark hair, making it appear richer. This color is versatile and suits both warm and cool skin tones. If you have green eyes, it can further accentuate your features. Experiment with emerald green on a wrap dress or a tartan blazer.

3. Red

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Red, known as the “color of empowerment,” is a timeless choice. Sustainable style consultant Monica Diaz suggests that finding the right red is key, considering undertones. Opt for an orange-red if you have warm undertones and a blue-red if you have cool undertones. Despite reservations about its boldness, Diaz emphasizes that the right shade of red can look amazing on anyone.

4. Navy

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Navy, a classic and easy-to-wear color, looks incredible on individuals with dark hair. According to style and image consultant Carol Davidson, navy offers a refreshing departure from the dominance of black in many wardrobes. Davidson recommends styling navy alongside black, especially for those with blue eyes, as it adds extra flattering elements.

5. Burgundy

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If a true red feels too overwhelming, Davidson suggests opting for burgundy, which she considers a pseudo-neutral. Burgundy combines easily with other colors and is visually more interesting than conventional neutrals. This versatile color is especially appealing for individuals with cool and neutral undertones and those with green eyes.

6. Yellow Gold

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When it comes to accessories, Alexis Taub, founder of Alexis Jae Jewelry, recommends bold yellow gold earrings for those with dark hair. The striking contrast against dark brown or black hair creates a stunning visual effect. Yellow gold earrings can serve as both a statement piece and a versatile everyday accessory.

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