The Sandals Each Zodiac Sign Should Wear This Summer with Astrologer Recommendations

You must have at least one pair of sandals in your summer wardrobe in addition to shorts, sundresses, and beachwear. However, the seemingly limitless options can become overwhelming, just like when you buy for anything. So why not check out your horoscope before heading to the shoe store instead of browsing Instagram for the newest trends? Yes, astrologers may use your zodiac sign to identify the perfect sandal style for you. Find out if you prefer a classy pair of leather slides or an everyday flip-flop by reading on.

The Sandals Each Zodiac Sign Should Wear


Close up of bejeweled sandals on a woman's feet

For Aries, the bold and adventurous individuals, jeweled flip-flops with a touch of sparkle and flair are recommended. These energetic souls, always looking to stand out, can enjoy the vibrant and eye-catching style of metallic or bejeweled flip-flops. Whether presenting in the boardroom or heading to brunch, these sandals are sure to make a statement for the fiery Aries.


Summer vacations flat lay with beach accessories. Blue leather sandals, sunglasses, beach bag, and seashells over beach towel background

Practical and reliable Tauruses, valuing comfort and quality, are suggested to go for leather slides. Known for their down-to-earth nature, Tauruses can embrace the durability and ease of leather slides, making them a perfect choice for low-key summer activities like boating or seaside walks. These sandals effortlessly combine comfort with style for the sensible Taurus.


Close up of a woman's feet wearing black espadrille sandals

Geminis, the social butterflies and chameleons of the zodiac, are recommended to explore espadrilles. Given their ever-changing minds and style choices, Geminis can appreciate the versatility of espadrilles that complement their creative spirit. Whether it’s a casual outing or a dressier occasion, espadrilles offer a stylish and adaptable choice for the dynamic Gemini.


Woman in an off-white dress stands near the ocean holding beige Birkenstock sandals

Cancers, the homebodies seeking serenity, can find comfort in Birkenstocks. With their emotional and cozy nature, Cancers will appreciate the support and ease provided by Birkenstocks. These sandals are perfect for chasing kids on the beach, running errands, or simply relaxing at home—activities dear to the heart of a Cancer.


peep toe heels

Leos, confident and charismatic individuals, can elevate their style with strappy heels. Always seeking the limelight, Leos can feel glamorous and showcase their legs effortlessly with strappy heels. Whether it’s a night out or a special occasion, these attention-seeking sandals align perfectly with the bold personality of a Leo.


Orange mule sandals on a wooden table against a bouquet of sea grass

Virgos, the perfectionists of the zodiac, are advised to go for mules. Seeking elegance and timeless pieces, Virgos can appreciate the sleek and sophisticated design of mules. These modest individuals can invest in a pair of mules that accentuates their sense of style while ensuring a timeless and enduring choice.


Middle aged woman walking on the beach with sandals in her hand. She is wearing a flowery summer dress.

Libras, the sign of balance, are recommended classic slingback sandals. Seeking ease in their summer activities while maintaining a stylish appearance, Libras can enjoy the comfort and versatility of slingback sandals. The classic design of slingbacks keeps the wearer’s feet cool and comfortable, ensuring a harmonious balance for the Libra.


gladiator shoes

Scorpios, intense and passionate individuals, can make a statement with gladiator sandals. Expressing themselves through edgy fashion, Scorpios can embrace the studded or lace-up designs of gladiator sandals. The intricate and bold style of these sandals perfectly aligns with Scorpio’s complex personality.



Sagittarius, the optimistic and adventurous souls, are paired with flip-flops. Always ready to explore and have fun, Sagittarius individuals can enjoy the carefree and cool vibes of plain flip-flops. Whether it’s a beach day or a backyard bash, these sandals are a no-fuss choice for the world traveler of the zodiac.


Handmade Huarache sandals made of leather in Mexican market

Capricorns, ambitious and disciplined, are suggested to choose Huarache sandals. With their hardworking nature and professional standards, Capricorns can appreciate the powerful and timeless appeal of Huarache sandals. This durable choice aligns with their preference for quality and professionalism in the office and beyond.


close up of the bottom of woman's black-and-white dress and her feet in leather clog sandals

Aquarius, the innovative and eccentric sign, can go for clogs. Valuing uniqueness and originality, Aquarius individuals can embrace the clunky yet stylish design of clog sandals. Perfect for lounging around during the summer, these clogs with a wooden base and leather straps add a touch of fun to Aquarius’s unique fashion sense.


White espadrilles with open toe on female legs in grass

Pisces, the emotional and sensitive individuals, are recommended Menorcan sandals. As summer is the season for Pisces, known for their love of tranquility and warm nights, Menorcan sandals offer effortless style and comfort. These sandals are perfect for Pisces to be comfortable and go with the flow during the dreamy summer days.

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