Scam: Check the Legitimacy and Genuine Reviews of the Website Here!

Investigating the Authenticity of and User Feedback

Are you curious about the legitimacy of, a trusted United States platform, is raising concerns due to the existence of a similar-looking website with the same logo.

Numerous users have reported encounters with deceptive platforms that bear a striking resemblance to legitimate ones. Consequently, there is growing interest in verifying the legitimacy of and understanding how it may compromise user data.

How does Scam Operate?

According to reports, individuals are receiving messages from that display a track ID and parcel delivery time. However, the information in these messages is entirely fabricated. Clicking on the provided link and entering the requested credentials leads to the display of counterfeit information related to order shipments.

Unfortunately, many individuals fall victim to the Scam and unknowingly divulge sensitive information. Subsequently, scammers harvest this information and utilize verified OTPs to confirm order statuses, facilitating the theft of funds from users’ bank accounts. Furthermore, there is a significant risk that scammers may attempt to extort money from users in exchange for deleting their records.

Particulars of Scam

  • Domain Age: Surprisingly, the domain lacks a registered age.
  • Alexa Ranking: The Alexa ranking for this domain is unavailable.
  • Trust Score: earns a mere 1% trust score.
  • Social Media: No social media links are associated with this domain.
  • Owner Information: Details about the owner and government-authorized policies are absent.
  • Address Proof: Contact address information is conspicuously missing from the website.
  • Email ID: The website lacks a visible email ID. Instead, it provides a USPS customer service link that redirects users to a page where they must share their ID.
  • Contact No.: 18002758777.
  • Return Policy: Information regarding the return policy is not available.
  • Payment Mode: Information about payment modes is unavailable.

Is Legitimate?

Examining the provided statistics and features, it becomes abundantly clear that is an illegitimate website that exploits the logo and name of a well-known domain to deceive individuals. The website’s multiple inadequacies further erode its credibility.

Furthermore, legitimate websites have issued warnings through their official social media channels, acknowledging the existence of a fraudulent website that mimics their logo and handles to steal user data. The Scam has been unveiled. If you receive any emails or text messages from this domain, it is advisable to report them and collaborate with cybercrime authorities to address these fraudulent activities. Reviews

Official website reviews are notably absent. However, numerous individuals are sharing their experiences on social media regarding encounters with this deceptive domain. Additionally, multiple SEO verification websites and scam detection platforms have also labelled it as a fraudulent website. Discover how to protect yourself from PayPal scams.

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A website by the name of has been sending bulk messages to United States residents regarding order deliveries. However, users have identified as a deceptive website. It is imperative to verify all details and information pertaining to the website. Clearly, this domain is fraudulent and poses a threat to the public.

Have you received emails or text messages from Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section.

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