Scam: Know its Legitimacy and Reviews

This investigation into the Scam will shed light on an ongoing online scam under the guise of postal services and the associated reviews.

Have you ever made an online purchase? Are you aware of the proper way to track your order? Tracking your order is a straightforward process, typically handled by the United States Postal Service.

However, the Scam is currently active, ensnaring unsuspecting individuals by offering false tracking information for their orders. In this post, we’ll provide vital information about this scam, so please read on.

Truth About the Scam!

In recent times, scammers have been leveraging various online platforms to impersonate legitimate websites. Likewise, some scammers are deceiving individuals by offering supposed order tracking assistance. may send you a message claiming there’s an issue with your order delivery. They might request personal information like your name, email, order ID, bank account details, or payment method. Clicking the link and providing these details can result in a significant financial loss, as it’s all part of a hoax. Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution when receiving such messages. Reviews!

We have extensively searched online platforms to determine whether there are any reviews related to this website. Unfortunately, no legitimate reviews of this online portal can be found anywhere.

However, this domain redirects to, which is the official government website, and you can find mixed reviews on this government site. The authenticity of remains uncertain. Social media profiles are available on the official government website, which may raise questions about the site’s authenticity. To ascertain the site’s legitimacy, we can further examine specific details.

Assessing’s Legitimacy!

According to the Scam report, we have evaluated the site’s legitimacy using various criteria. Please consider the following points in this section:

  • Trust Index: has received a low trust index of 3.5 percent, indicating a lack of trustworthiness.
  • Registration Date: The domain was registered on October 30, 2023, making it a newly registered website.
  • Phishing Count: has an alarming 82 percent phishing score.
  • Malware Score: The website has a 17 percent malware score.
  • Reviews on While reviews under the name “Uspshelp” are not available, reviews can be found on the official government postal service site, as this site redirects to the government site.
  • Data Policy: The website follows an HTTPS connection.


Our analysis indicates that was registered just in a day and has received a low trust index. This suggests that the online site appears to be a scam, with scammers targeting unsuspecting individuals. It is advisable to steer clear of such messages and be well-versed in strategies to prevent falling victim to PayPal scams.

Would you like to share your experiences with the Scam? Please let us know if you have received any such messages from scammers.

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