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Expensive watches have a good life duration. You need to replace their battery from time to time. The replacement cost of your watch depends upon the type of battery used in the watch. In this guide, we have mentioned four main types of batteries and their relevant replacement cost. 

Let’s begin the guide and find out the replacement cost of your watch battery. 

4 Main Types of Watch Batteries 

Generally, there are four types of batteries used in the watch. Your watch battery replacement cost may vary depending on the battery used in your watch. Let’s explore four batteries. 

  1. Mercury Watches: This watch battery has mercury as an active compound. It provides consistent high voltage quickly for up to 3 years. Thus they help in keeping the time more accurate. 
  2. Silver Oxide Batteries: These batteries provide efficient and consistent voltages for the devices such as digital clocks, LED lights, and watches. It doesn’t affect the environment in any manner. 
  3. Lithium Watch Batteries: Lithium-ion battery is one of the most used watch batteries. They are a coin-like battery and can easily last up to 10 years. They are not a suitable option for the quartz. 
  4. Alkaline Watch Batteries: These batteries come up with alkaline electrolytes, making them less acidic. They don’t quickly react with the skin to cause any irritation. They are one of the most suitable options for small devices such as watches, calculators, etc. 

Key Indicators To Replace Your Battery 

There are specific key indicators that you should replace your watch battery. If you also find any such indication, it is time to replace your watch battery. 

  • Watch Stops Functioning: The watch often stops working due to a long time or any external damage. If your watch stops at a place, you should first try to replace its battery. 
  • Stops Showing the Right Time: It might be a battery issue if your watch shows the wrong time. Hence, it would help if you replaced its battery to get it to work perfectly like before. 
  • Trapped Moisture: If your watch caught some moisture, the battery is generally supposed dead. The water moisture will also ruin the watch’s internal mechanics. Thus, you need to remove the old battery, drain the moisture, and replace it with a new one. 
  • Unable to Adjust Date and Time: If your watch shows an error or difficulties setting up the time. Then, it might be due to a battery fault. It would help if you replaced the battery before it ruined the whole mechanism. 

What is the Watch Battery Replacement Cost? 

The cost of the watch battery mainly depends upon the type and brand name of the watch. For a standard timepiece battery, most of the general professionals charge you around $6-$19. Going for the timepieces with water-resistant batteries would cost you around $40-$65. The chronograph designs also increase the cost to $65-$100.

The brands also have a specific role in the replacement costs. For example, Seiko charges around $25 to replace the battery of a watch. Walmart charges around $7 to replace the battery for their errorless services. 

According to the Long Jewelers, your average watch battery repair cost would be $10. You will find the best prices over the local general stores such as Walmart, JCPenny, and Sears. All the famous watch brand batteries are generally available in these stores. However, these watch batteries don’t come with a water-resistant feature. 

How to Replace Watch Battery? 

All the branded watch companies offer a professional service that can quickly help you by replacing the batteries themselves. You can easily search for the watch battery replacement near me. It will show you all the local replacement shops near you. 

Generally, the watch batteries replacement follows several steps mentioned below: 

  • First, they turn off the watch and take off its back shield. 
  • Then, they properly take out the gasket and keep it in a safe place. 
  • They take the screwdriver to loosen up all the essentials to reach the battery. 
  • They change the battery and set the watch as before. 
  • At last, the professional will set up the time and date on your watch. 

It would help if you only trusted the jewelry shop owner or big brands while replacing the battery of your expensive watch. You will be okay with spending the extra dollars on the professionals. It will provide you with safety to keep your watch entirely safe. However, it is a legit risk if you try to replace your battery on your own. It might also ruin your whole delicate watch. 

To Wrap Up 

Expensive watch battery replacement is a little costly. It depends upon the type of battery used in your watch. We have mentioned four types of batteries and their relevant cost in the guide. We recommend you go to a professional to keep your expensive watch safe. We hope you like the Watch Battery Replacement Cost guide and find all the relevant information regarding the watch here. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How much does it cost to replace a battery in a watch? 

The replacement cost of the batteries generally depends upon the type of battery used in your watch. It typically costs around $15-$25 to replace the watch battery. It would help to take your expensive watches to professional battery replacement stores to keep them safe. 

  • How much does battery cost in India?

In India, most batteries can be replaced cheaply and at affordable prices. On average, the watches get replaced at Rs.129/piece. However, expensive watches would require more money to replace the battery. For instance, the Rolex 12V 150Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery costs around 7000 INR. 

  • Can a watch have 2 batteries? 

Watches with multitasking features, including analog and digital display, playing music option, and multiple alarms feature, generally have two batteries. 

  • How long do watch batteries last? 

Generally, watch batteries easily work for 2 years. But it can also vary based on various factors, including its functioning, age, etc. It also depends upon the type and quality of the watch. They can last from 14 months to 6 years. 

  • Which battery is good for the watch? 

Silver oxide batteries are one of the most used batteries for wristwatches. They come at affordable prices and can last up to 10 years. They provide consistent voltage to the watch to keep it working for longer.

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