5 Ways Bray Wyatt can Return to WWE

Bray Wyatt is one of the most captivating characters in WWE history.

His dark, mysterious persona and unique in-ring style have made him a fan favorite, and his absence from WWE has left many fans wondering if and when he will return.

The Fiend Resurrected Bray Wyatt's most recent character, The Fiend, was a terrifying entity that struck fear into the hearts of WWE superstars and fans alike.

Unfortunately, Wyatt was released by WWE in July 2021, leaving the character's fate up in the air.

However, WWE could bring back The Fiend in a number of ways, such as having someone else take on the mantle, or revealing that Wyatt had somehow survived his apparent demise.

The Wyatt Family Reunites One of Bray Wyatt's most memorable runs in WWE was when he led the Wyatt Family, a group of dark and mysterious wrestlers who wreaked havoc on WWE.

The group could feud with a top faction like The New Day or The Bloodline, or even form an alliance with another group to take on a common enemy.

Bray Wyatt Becomes a Manager While Bray Wyatt is a talented wrestler in his own right, he could also make a great manager for other wrestlers.

Wyatt Returns as Himself While The Fiend and the Wyatt Family were both wildly popular, there's something to be said for the original Bray Wyatt character.

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