Elon Musk Dusts Off Periscope For A Quick Video Session On Twitter

During the 15-minute session, Musk shared updates on various projects and answered questions from his fans.

He also shared that the company was currently working on the Starship SN31, which he hoped would be ready for a test flight in the next few weeks.

Musk briefly touched on Tesla's ongoing efforts to increase battery production and reduce costs. He also hinted at an upcoming announcement regarding a new electric vehicle model.

Musk shared some exciting news regarding Neuralink, his company that is developing brain-computer interfaces.

He revealed that the first human trials had been successful and that the technology was advancing rapidly.

Musk briefly mentioned The Boring Company's progress on its tunneling projects, including the recently completed Las Vegas Convention Center Loop.

Overall, Musk's impromptu video session provided a fascinating insight into the work being done by his various companies.

While Musk's use of Periscope may have been unexpected, it was a welcome surprise for his fans and an example of the innovative thinking that has made him a leading figure in the tech industry.

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