How Long Do Dogs Hold Their Poop?

Concerned about bathroom needs? Dogs can hold poop for several hours, but don't exceed 6-8 hours alone.

Healthy adult dogs can hold their poop for 12+ hours if needed, but they may prefer to go sooner. Factors like traffic or being away from home can influence their bathroom needs.

Dogs can hold their poop for about 8 hours, but it varies based on age. Puppies can hold it for an hour per month of age. Senior dogs may have trouble holding it as long due to age-related changes.

Illnesses, parasites, allergies, infections, and diet changes can hinder a dog's poop control. Diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, and chronic conditions affect their ability to hold stool.

For dogs, holding their poop can cause emotional stress. During house training, dogs try to please their owners by waiting to go outside.