How Long Should You Walk Your Dog?

Dog walks boost mental, emotional, and physical health. Exercise, stimulation, and socialization benefit dogs, preventing boredom.

Walk duration varies with age, breed, and health. Puppies need short, frequent walks. Seniors require 20-30 min walks. Adult dogs benefit from 2 walks/day, but adjust based on breed and size.

15-30 min walks, twice a day. Medium & large breeds: 30-60 min walks, twice a day. Athletic breeds may require longer walks.

Best times for dog walks: morning/evening (avoid midday heat) - exercise, potty, cooler temperatures.

Tailor dog walks to your dog's needs. Consult a vet for overweight or health conditions. Gradually increase walk length. End before exhaustion signs. Rest and shorten next walk if needed.

"Walk dogs in cool hours, avoid hot pavement, signs of heatstroke: panting, red gums, collapse. Carry water for longer walks."