How to Clean Your Dog's Ears?

Dog ear cleaning is crucial, especially for breeds like Bluetick Coonhounds prone to infections. Safely clean their ears at home for good hygiene.

Dog's ear: pinna (outer flap), external canal (skin-covered with wax glands), eardrum, middle & inner ear (hearing/balance). Damage can be permanent.

Clean dog's ears in tub/outside. Be cautious of debris. Inspect for dirt/hair. Pluck hair carefully. Seek guidance if unsure.

Supplies: Vet-recommended ear solution (e.g., Epi-Otic), cotton balls/pads/gauze, tweezers (if needed), towels. Avoid alcohol/peroxide.

Hold ear flap, apply ear cleaner, gently squeeze into ear. Massage base of ear, hear smacking sound. Cleanser fills canal, loosens debris. Let dog shake.

Moisten cotton/gauze with ear cleaner. Gently wipe ear canal without force. Stop if redness, bleeding, or pain. Repeat if necessary.

Never put cotton-tipped applicators in dogs' ears. Use proper cleaner, clean regularly, and consult vet for frequency. Don't over or under-clean to avoid damage or excessive buildup.