How to Delete a New Station Alert has Arrived?

Many times you must have heard an alert like “a new station alert has arrived.” Do you know what that means?

Stopping it is easy, but the error timing is pretty bad, due to which the users tend to get confused.

Mobile users have often complained that an alert in a male voice is detected on their phones while trying to use an application.

It is just a random voice saying out loud- “A new station has arrived.” Well, it is an in-built error or notification produced by some apps.

Many assumptions have been made about its appearance like it might be caused by malware or a virus, but none has been confirmed yet.

Others have said that it must have been the result of a bug, but till now, this hypothesis has been rejected.

But there is still no full proof evidence of what causes the error to occur. There might be some inner defections within the app.

And no need to worry about the security of your phone as many such apps are installed daily by users all around the world.

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