How to Reheat Zeppoles?

Zeppole di San Giuseppe is one of the famous dishes of Italy. It was created to celebrate the festival of St. Joseph.

One thing is clear: if the zeppole belongs to the 14th century, it would have been straightforward to cook.

Microwave is also a great and easy option to reheat the zeppole.

People generally do not reheat the dough meals on the stove.

You can also use the “Air Fryer” to reheat the zeppole. This method is less hassle and saves a lot of time.

Reheating the zeppole in a Toaster Oven is also a great idea, as it maintains its crispiness.

Firstly, you should remove the zeppole from the fridge and let them thaw for a while. This will help them retain their actual taste.

Wrap up your zeppole in an aluminum foil to make them retain the humidity and trap the warmth ness evenly

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