How to Tie Dye a Grey Shirt?

Tie-dyeing can be done on any coloured fabric, including grey and dark colors.

Tie-dyeing is a method of naturally coloring materials that produce beautiful, colorful patterns.

The color of the fabric you’re dying for doesn’t really matter, but it does have an effect on how clear the finished color is.

This section will show how to tie dye a grey shirt. Go through the steps below to tie-dye your grey t-shirt.

Wash your shirt in hot water with detergent, then either dry it in the dryer or air dry it until it is just moist enough to tie dye.

The third phase, where you make your pattern, depends on your desired pattern.

Place your coloured, striped shirt in a big zip-top plastic bag and set it aside for at least eight hours to dry.

Remember to put on your gloves. Remove the rubber bands from the shirt and rinse it in cold water until the run-off is clean.

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