Italian Travel Group Begins Legal Action Against Ryanair

Ryanair, the Irish low-cost airline, is facing legal action from an Italian travel group over alleged anti-competitive practices.

The legal action is being brought by the Association of Italian Travel and Tourism Agencies (Astoi) and the Italian Association of Travel Agents (FIAVET) in the Italian courts.

They allege that Ryanair has abused its dominant position in the Italian aviation market by imposing unfair contract terms on travel agents who sell its tickets.

They also allege that Ryanair has engaged in aggressive marketing tactics that have directly targeted the customers of travel agents.

According to the travel groups, Ryanair has demanded that travel agents pay a fee to access its reservation system and has threatened to withhold commissions from agents who refuse to pay.

Astoi and FIAVET claim that these practices have put their members at a disadvantage and have harmed their ability to compete in the market.

They argue that Ryanair's actions have restricted consumer choice and have led to higher prices for travellers.

The case is being closely watched by industry observers, who say that it could have implications for the wider aviation sector.

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