Kim Jong Un’s Sister Warns US-S Korea Pact Risks ‘Serious Danger’

The pact in question is the Mutual Defense Treaty, signed between the US and South Korea in 1953, which aims to protect South Korea from external aggression.

In a statement released by North Korea's official news agency, Kim Yo Jong stated that the pact was a "reflection of the U.S.

The recent missile tests conducted by North Korea have also raised concerns about the country's nuclear capabilities and intentions.

The US and South Korea have been conducting joint military exercises, which North Korea has often criticized as a threat to its national security.

Kim Yo Jong's statement is seen as an attempt to dissuade the US and South Korea from conducting these exercises and further escalating the tensions in the region.

Experts believe that Kim Yo Jong's warning could be a sign of North Korea's dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and its desire to resume talks with the US.

The situation in the Korean peninsula remains tense, with both sides showing a willingness to defend their national interests.

Kim Yo Jong's warning to the US and South Korea highlights the complex and delicate nature of the relationships between the countries in the region.