New Steph Curry Documentary ‘Underrated’ is a Love Letter to Davidson Basketball

A new documentary, titled "Underrated," tells the story of Curry's time at Davidson and his rise to NBA stardom.

Steph Curry has been a household name in the NBA for over a decade. He has achieved countless accolades and broken records throughout his career.

The film is produced by Unanimous Media, Curry's production company, and is directed by award-winning filmmaker Seth Henrichs.

The documentary is a love letter to Davidson basketball and the impact that the small college had on Curry's career.

The film also features interviews with Curry's former coaches and teammates, who speak about his work ethic and leadership skills.

One of the most emotional moments in the film comes when Curry returns to Davidson for a surprise visit. He walks around the campus, visiting old haunts and reminiscing about his time at the school.

The documentary explores Curry's journey to Davidson and the challenges he faced as a small, undersized player.

"Underrated" also covers Curry's journey to the NBA and his rise to superstardom. The film includes footage of his early days with the Golden State Warriors, as well as his championship-winning seasons.

It is a must-watch for basketball fans, especially those who have followed Curry's career from his college days.

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