Pop Star's Struggle to Find her Seat at King Charles' Coronation Goes Viral

Among the guests was a famous pop star, whose struggle to find her seat in the ceremony has gone viral.

The coronation of King Charles III of the United Kingdom took place on May 6, 2023, and was a historic event watched by millions of people around the world.

The pop star, whose name has not been revealed, arrived at Westminster Abbey dressed in a stunning gown and was ushered to her seat by the event staff.

However, as the ceremony began, it became apparent that there was some confusion over her seating arrangement.

The pop star was seen standing awkwardly at the back of the Abbey, trying to find her seat while the rest of the guests were seated.

The event staff appeared to be struggling to locate her seat, which had apparently been moved at the last minute due to a seating issue.

As the minutes ticked by, the pop star grew increasingly frustrated and visibly upset.

Eventually, she was seated in a different section of the Abbey, but not before the incident was captured by the cameras and shared on social media.

Some even speculated that the pop star had been intentionally snubbed by the organizers due to her celebrity status.

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