What Is SD Card Navigation Pre-wiring?

Topic:What Is SD Card Navigation Pre-wiring?” SD navigation pre-wiring is a system that supports the drivers to establish a connection between a SD card and stereo system of the car, so that you can listen to music. SD card navigation wiring has a lot more to explore.

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What is meant by SD card navigation?

SD card navigation is a technology that allows you to control different functions of your car using an SD card. This can be turning on the headlights, changing the current song, etc.

What is SD card navigation pre-wiring?

SD card navigation pre-wiring is gaining a huge popularity these days. It is a system by which a driver can navigate using an SD card. This doesn’t require the installation of any new hardware. It uses the car’s SD card slot to transmit the information. You can also access music and other entertainment through this SD card using the slot.

What’s the cost to install a navigation system in Mercedes?

Mercedes has a pre-installed navigation system on the car. It uses the Star Safety System, which saves you from accidents from front and back. But if your Mercedes does not have such a feature, it would cost around $5,000 more to install the system as compared to the installation of a normal radio.

Use of SD card slot provided in the car

The SD card slot provided in your car serves as an input for inserting your SD card. This slot is known as Media Card Reader. It allows you to access media files like music and videos in your car.

What does the Mercedes SD card do?

This SD card has the same function as any normal SD card that you use on your smartphones and cameras. You need an SD card to transfer data. Listen to your favorite playlist while driving if you have this system. You can also navigate easily using it. This navigation technology is called SD card navigation pre-wiring.

Activation of navigation in Mercedes

A ‘Navigation’ button is provided on the dashboard. Press that button and select your destination on the screen. Once you are decided on it press ‘OK’ and your vehicle will show you the map to your destination.

How can I install Google Maps on my Mercedes?

There are two choices you can make to download Google Maps on your vehicle. First one is, you can download it online and get the map on the car’s computer screen. If you don’t have a computer system in your car, you can download the map on your phone and then connect your phone to the car using a USB cable.

Process to install navigation on SD card

It is rather a complicated process. To install the navigation on your SD card, first, you need to format your SD card with a specific tool. Then you need to download the necessary files from the navigation software’s website. Once done, you must copy these downloaded files to your SD card and then copy them to your car’s navigation system. 

How to update Mercedes navigation system?

You can update the navigation system either manually or automatically. The most convenient method is to download the update on your phone or PC and transfer it to the car’s computer system. If the navigation system uses a CD-ROM drive, you have to insert the disk containing the map update. In case you don’t have the CD/DVD drive, download the update online, save it in a USB drive, and connect the USB device to your car.

Benefits of SD card navigation

SD card navigation helps you get live updates on traffic and the ability to sync with your phone. It shows you the shortest way to your destination. Moreover, you can control several car features using this technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SD card navigation?

SD card navigation is a system that will help you navigate using an SD card and SD slot provided in your car.

  • Why is there an SD slot in my car?

The SD card lets you use your SD card in your car just like you use it on your phone. In addition to accessing the media on the car, it can also help you navigate if you have navigation software on it.

  • How much will it cost me to install SD card navigation?

It will cost you about $5,000 to install SD navigation on Mercedes if it is not pre-installed in your car.

  • How can I use navigation on my car?

Insert your SD card containing navigation software in the SD card slot. Then press the navigation button provided and select your destination. And confirm with ‘OK’.

  • Is SD card navigation free?

Mercedes provides a paid navigation system which you can download from the official Mercedes website. 


The technology of SD card navigation pre-wiring is proving to be very useful nowadays. More people are traveling from one location to another and not everyone is familiar with the routes to their destination. So if you had a system like this, you can easily move from one place to another without any help from the locals.

You only need to have navigation software installed on your car and that’s it. You will have no barriers. You can easily travel without worrying about getting lost or going the wrong way. 

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