7 Dog Summer Safety Tips

Dogs with heavy fur are vulnerable. Never leave them in parked cars. Inside, temps can rapidly reach deadly levels.

1. Keep Cool

flavor with no-salt chicken broth or add ice cubes to chill.

2. Stay Hydrated

Avoid exercising dogs in hot temperatures to prevent heatstroke and paw pad burns. Schedule walks at dawn or dusk, opt for indoor activities, and prioritize water play in the heat of the day.

3.Exercise at Dawn and Dusk

Vigorous panting, dark red gums, thick drool, tongue out, weakness, vomiting, collapse. Move to a cool place, wet with cool water, offer water, use a fan, seek vet help.

4. Watch for Signs of Heatstroke

Dogs can get sunburned. Protect their skin with dog-safe sunscreen on nose, ears, and face. White/thin coats are more vulnerable. Reapply as directed.

5. Provide Sun Protection

Use life jacket for brachycephalic breeds. Monitor exhaustion, limit saltwater intake. Teach pool safety. Supervise access to pools with locked gate.

6. Consider Water Safety

Protect your dog's paw pads from hot surfaces by walking them during cooler times, testing the ground with your hand, using dog boots, and finding shaded areas.

7.Protect Paws