8 Dog Breeds With Blue Eyes

iconic blue eyes, bred for companionship and sledding. Perfect for active families.

1. Siberian Husky

Merle Aussies have higher chance of blue eyes. Brilliant, energetic herders excel in agility. Ideal for active homes.

2. Australian Shepherd

Sleek, silver-gray coat. Loving, active, and great with kids. Bred for hunting in Germany. Popular companion dogs.


intelligent, intense gaze. Varied eye colors (brown, gold, blue in merles). Endless energy, thrive on challenges like agility.

4. Border Collie

Blue eyes are a lovely trait in show dachshunds. Merle-coated doxies often have blue eyes, making them beautiful and excellent hunters and watchdogs.

5. Dachshund

short legs, long bodies, and large, upright ears. Some have striking blue eyes, especially those with merle coats.

6. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Gentle giants with blue eyes, loveable and adaptable, make great watchdogs. Blue-eyed Dapples, Harlequins, and Merles keep their baby blues.

7.Great Dane

spotted dogs from Louisiana, varied coats, colors, and eyes. Working breed, needs space to run, hunt, and herd.

8.Catahoula Leopard Dog