The 8 Best Dog Hairstyles

Popular since the 1930s, the Lamb cut suits curly-haired dogs, ideal for all seasons. Groomers clip and trim the coat, perfect for poodles.

1. The lamb cut

Sporty, curly-haired breed bred for swimming. Hypoallergenic, minimal shedding, needs regular grooming. Lion clip enhances water mobility.

2. The lion cut

Cute like a bear cub, coat length 0.5-2 inches, round shape for face, tail, and legs by professional groomers.

3.The teddy bear cut

Poodle style. Shave body, keep ball-shaped fur on paws and tail. Gives poodle-like appearance.

4. Poodle cut

Ideal summer haircut for hunting dogs. Short fur all over for comfort and easy maintenance. Reduces shedding. Popular among busy owners.

5. Kennel cut

popular, low maintenance dog haircut. 6-8 weeks shape, 1-2 inch length, suits soft, fluffy fur.

6. The puppy cut

Long-legged dogs have hair fringes all over, including a small mustache on their face.

7.The schnauzer cut

Basic vet-recommended dog haircut. Shaves belly, genitals, anus, etc. Keeps dog clean.

8.Sanitary trim