7 Popular Dog Breeds From the United States

historic guard, herder, and fighter. Brought to US in 1700s for farm work. Revitalized post-WWII, now athletic and friendly.

1. American Bulldog

Hairless terrier originated from a rat terrier litter when a hairless female named Josephine was born. Recognized by AKC in 2016.

2. American Hairless Terrier

Ancient wolf-dog sled breed named after Mahlemiut Inuit. Strong, double-coated, AKC recognized since 1935.

3.Alaskan Malamute

German spitz brought by immigrants, popular in 1800s. Name changed during WWI. Clever, fun-loving companions.

4.American Eskimo Dog

Misnamed but beloved, Australian Shepherds developed in the US via Australian roots. Smart, athletic, energetic, and personable.

5. Australian Shepherd

Created in Boston, MA. Judge, a muscular bulldog-terrier mix, laid the foundation. Selective breeding refined the breed.

6. Boston terrier

S. Carolina hunting dog bred for turkeys. Descended from stray trained by Whit Boykin. Friendly, good with dogs, cautious with birds.

7.Boykin Spaniel