How to Hit A Stiiizy Pod Without A Battery?

it can cause various cases where you might lose your battery, and now you want to vape but cannot.

Simply put, it is a disposable container of cannabis or hemp combined with the coil, atomizer, and a little more

Simply, the vape cartridges utilize the battery’s power to activate the coil and start evaporating the cannabis concentrate into the vapor.

All the cartridges have different battery capacities.

You can easily use the Android charger cable to access your stiiizy pod if you do not have the battery.

It would help if you cut off the charging port connecting to your mobile phone.

When you cut off your charging cable, you will find a separate black and red wire inside.

Now, you need to strip off both wires. In the next step, they will be used to hit the stiiizy pod.

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