How to Lock A YouTube Video?

All the kids love video content these days, and they enjoy using mobile very much. Every second kid in the home knows how to access YouTube better than their parents.

Therefore we have mentioned a fantastic way to lock the screen while watching YouTube on Android or iPhone.

It is the era of touch screen mobiles, and it is widespread, especially for kids, to mistakenly touch the screen or video while playing it.

Thus, we have found an easy way to lock the YouTube screen for a baby or anyone. You must use a third-party application for this purpose, as no in-built option is available.

iPhone is an advanced phone. Thus, you don’t need to install any third-party application. Instead, iPhones have a Guided Access feature that can help you lock the YouTube video while watching.

Access YouTube on your device, and click on your profile picture there. It is located in the top right corner.

Firstly, you have to download the You will find a lock icon in the bottom corner, and you have to tap on that.

No, it is not possible to password lock a YouTube video. However, YouTube channel owners can only change their video visibility to private or certain invited people.

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