Pokemon Arceus How to Evolve Togepi

The little Pokemon may be found in the Crimson Mirelands, in Cottonridge Prairie, near where Petilil spawns.

The visible parts of its body are a delicate, cream tint, while the shell is primarily white.

That implies you’ll have to develop your Friendship with Togepi first, and then you’ll be able to make the first evolution to Togetic.

Trainers might also consider completing some of Togetic’s research tasks in order to gain access to Togetic’s Pokedex entry.

Satchels can be recovered by selecting Lost and Found from the Communications menu.

Togekiss may also master Magical Leaf and Water Pulse if you require even more diversified coverage.

After acquiring Togetic, the next stage is to evolve it into Togekiss.

You’ll travel over the territory to complete various tasks, aiming to capture Pokemon and eventually catalog the region’s first Pokedex

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