5 Ways to Wear Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, Shade That Gives Sparkle to Every Outfit

Every December, Pantone’s color experts select a color of the year, a shade they believe will be quite popular in the upcoming year. 2020’s color was Classic Blue, a conventional navy; previous years’ colors were Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey (yep, they selected two tones); and last year’s color was Very Peri, a periwinkle. This year, the bold, defiant shade Viva Magenta is in style—we’ve seen it on red carpets, runways, and more. If you believe that incorporating magenta into your wardrobe would be tough, if not impossible, think again. Here, stylists provide simple ways for anyone over 60 to wear this tint. Continue reading to create a closet that is more colorful and current.

5 Ways to Wear Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, If You’re Over 60

1. Magenta Handbag

magenta handbag

Enhance your handbag collection with a touch of Viva Magenta. Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image stylist, recommends opting for a smart leather envelope clutch or a simple zippered fabric pouch for everyday use. For evening outings, consider adding some luster with a sequined evening bag, a beaded pouch, or a satin clutch. Kosich emphasizes the importance of keeping your investment pieces affordable, suggesting that neutrals are more suitable for long-term wardrobe staples.

2. Magenta Tights

Standing against a bright orange background, an older woman with long white hair wears a denim jacket, pink skirt, and magenta tights.

Make a bold statement by incorporating Viva Magenta hosiery into your wardrobe. Kosich suggests that bright and playful tights remain a hot trend, offering versatility when paired with neutrals like gray and brown or layered under a classic khaki trench coat. To elevate your outfit further, she recommends complementing the look with metallic footwear for added shine.

3. Magenta Shoes

magenta night women shoes

Accentuate your ensemble with Viva Magenta footwear options. Tara West, a fashion stylist, suggests wearing magenta rain boots with black or tan leggings and a wool cape for colder months. Alternatively, pair strappy magenta sandals with a flowy kaftan or cotton maxi skirt for warmer climates. For a casual yet chic look, Kosich recommends styling statement shoes like sandals, stilettos, or patent pumps with trouser jeans and a cropped trench coat.

4. Magenta Jewelry

Tanzanite, Rubellite and Diamonds, Designer Jewellery

Infuse your accessories with a pop of color by incorporating Viva Magenta-accented jewelry pieces. West recommends complementing magenta gemstones with gold accents to add warmth to the color. Statement earrings or a bold right-hand ring adorned with pavé diamonds can make a stunning fashion statement. Kosich suggests pairing these jewelry pieces with a black, white, or neutral turtleneck to allow the magenta accents to shine.

5. Magenta Lipstick

Lipstick on pink background

Experiment with Viva Magenta by starting small with lipstick. Kosich advises that lipstick offers a simple and affordable way to test the color before committing to larger wardrobe pieces. Begin with a tube of bright, bold magenta lipstick and assess how it complements your complexion and personal style. If intrigued, you can gradually incorporate more magenta hues into your wardrobe.

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