6 Ways to Find Your Signature Color and Design Choices That Can Aid Your Search

We’re always searching for methods to save time when shopping, so discovering a distinctive color is exactly up our alley. However, we’re not just searching for any color. We’re searching for that special hue that accentuates the brightness of our complexion, the boldness of our eyes, and the vibrancy of our hair. The one who causes random people to stop us in the street and remark, “That’s your color.”

Finding this enigmatic shade isn’t always simple, though. To be exact, a professional stylist is generally needed to figure out which one is a perfect fit for you. Here, we asked them to share the strategies they used to choose a distinctive signature hue. Continue reading for incredible styling advice.

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6 Ways to Find Your Signature Color

1. Consider Compliments

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Realizing your signature color can elevate your personal style and make you feel confident and put-together. Consider compliments as votes for your future signature color. When people often tell you that a specific color looks great on you, it’s likely a strong contender for your signature color. This goes beyond someone expressing love for a color; it’s about recognizing the shades that make you shine.

2. Seasonal Color Analysis

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If you’re seeking professional assistance, personal stylists often recommend Seasonal Color Analysis. This practice involves draping you in a series of color swatches to evaluate which tones complement you best. Keep in mind that these are more like guidelines, and it’s crucial to hire a credentialed professional experienced in color analysis for accurate results. Be cautious of online color analysis deals, as in-person sessions are more reliable for precision.

3. Undertones Matter

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Understanding your undertones is another way to identify your most flattering colors. Determine whether you have warm or cool undertones by observing your preference for gold or silver jewelry. Colors that look best on you will have an undertone matching yours—warm hues like yellows, oranges, and reds for warm undertones, and cool hues like greens, blues, and purples for cool undertones.

4. Hair and Eye Color Cues

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Your hair and eye color can also provide cues for your signature color. Clothes that match your eye color often have a showstopping effect. Consider the tone of your hair—opt for warm hues if your hair has warm undertones and cool hues if it has cool undertones. Consulting your hairstylist can help you identify your hair’s undertone.

5. Contrast Matters

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When considering contrast, tailor your color choices based on the contrast between your features. If there’s a strong contrast, bold colors may be more suitable, while softer colors work well for minimal contrast.

6. Look Around Your Space

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Take a look around your home and closet for additional insights. Your interior design preferences can offer clues about colors that resonate with you. Consider the colors you feel most confident in and aim for a balance between colors that suit you and those you genuinely like. Your signature color should be a reflection of both aspects, enhancing your personal style and confidence.


Ultimately, finding your signature color is a personal journey. Experiment with different shades, trust your instincts, and embrace what makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a range of hues into your wardrobe and daily life. Your signature color should not only complement your physical features but also resonate with your personality, making a statement about who you are and how you express yourself through style.

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