70th Birthday Princess Margaret: When Did She Die? Details Of Funeral, And Feet!

70th Birthday Princess Margaret: Let’s explore the celebrations of Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday in this post, including details about when she died, her feet incident, and her funeral.

70th Birthday Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday, highlighted in “The Crown” series, showcased a grand affair at Hotel Ritz in October 2000. The exclusive celebration included 140 guests, close friends, and family. Despite health challenges, Princess Margaret arrived in a red Rolls-Royce, emphasizing her charisma. The glamorous event marked her final years, with her using a cane or wheelchair due to a hot bath incident a year earlier.

When Did Princess Margaret Die?

Princess Margaret passed away at the age of 71 on February 9, 2002, at London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital. Her health had deteriorated after suffering a stroke in March 2001, which left her left side paralyzed. Her vision was also impaired during her last year, culminating in her passing in the early hours of February 9, 2002.

When was Princess Margaret’s Funeral?

Princess Margaret’s funeral took place on February 15, 2002, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of King George VI’s death. She had left explicit instructions for her funeral, and the service was attended by Queen Elizabeth II, other royal family members, and 370 guests. Princess Margaret was cremated at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, and her ashes rest alongside those of Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Margaret’s Feet Incident

Princess Margaret faced health challenges, including a scalding incident in her bathroom in 1999, resulting in severe burns to her feet. This incident significantly impacted her mobility, leading to her reliance on a cane or wheelchair. Princess Margaret’s public engagements were limited after experiencing two strokes in 2000 and 2001.


Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday, depicted in “The Crown,” showcased the glamour of her final years. Her health struggles, strokes, and the scalding incident underscore the challenges she faced. The post provides insights into her vibrant life, the circumstances surrounding her death, and the funeral that marked the end of an era.

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