8 Colors You Should Never Wear to a Wedding: Know the Hues You Should Stay Away From

Choosing an attire for an impending wedding can be a difficult undertaking, even if you are not the bride. You have to be aware of the colors you’re gravitating toward for these specific events in addition to the fit and style. Other than the obvious rule that white is never appropriate, there aren’t many hard-and-fast guidelines on colors you should never wear to a wedding.

According to Elizabeth Kosich, the founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling and a licensed image stylist, “wedding dress codes tend to be more gray than black and white,” Best Life is informed. “It goes without saying that the most important guideline for wedding guest etiquette is to never wear white. But there are other hues you should stay away from.

Kosich and her other stylists advise against wearing a few particular shades so as to avoid making a “fashion faux pas” at these festivities. The eight colors you should never wear to a wedding are listed below.

8 Colors You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

1. Neons

woman in neon green dress

Stylists recommend avoiding overtly bright neon colors like yellow, pink, orange, or green when attending a wedding. These colors can be too conspicuous and draw attention away from the bride and groom. Opt for jewel tones or soft pastels for a tasteful pop of color instead.

2. The Same Color as the Bridal Party

bride with bridesmaids

Avoid wearing the same color as the bridesmaids to prevent blending in or being confused with the bridal party. It’s essential not to distract or draw unwanted attention to your look. Politely ask the bride about the color scheme if unsure, ensuring you don’t clash with the bridal party.

3. Denim Shades

woman in denim dress

Denim fabric or denim-like colors are considered inappropriate for weddings, as denim is often associated with a casual look. Choose more formal fabrics to ensure you are appropriately dressed for the occasion and show respect for the couple and the significance of the event.

4. Metallics

silver dress

Skip metallic colors like bold coppers or shiny silvers at weddings to avoid drawing attention away from the bride and groom. Look-at-me metallics can make you stand out, so save such dresses for other occasions where being the center of attention is more appropriate.

5. All Black

man in all-black suit

While black accents are acceptable, wearing a full black ensemble may be interpreted as a sign of disapproval. Consider choosing something other than a full black outfit, and opt for a black suit paired with a crisp white shirt and a tasteful tie for a more suitable and elegant look.

6. “Loud” Colors

woman looking at sequin dresses

Steer clear of outfits with bold patterns, loud colors, or excessive embellishments that might divert attention from the couple. Use your best judgment to ensure your outfit enhances rather than distracts from the wedding celebration.

7. Red

woman trying on red dress

Red, although beautiful, may steal the spotlight and take focus away from the bride and bridal party in photos. If you’re drawn to red, consider incorporating it through a manicure or pedicure. Alternatively, opt for a deep burgundy as a powerful and elegant color choice.

8. Anything Close to White

woman in beige dress

Shades even remotely close to white, such as off-white, cream, eggshell, beige, or champagne, should be avoided. This also includes light gray, which may appear white in pictures. Exceptions include hints of white in a pattern or subdued white accessories, ensuring the bride remains the star of the show.

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