American Benefits Program Scam: Know the Hidden Truth

American Benefits Program Scam: Curious about the legitimacy of the American Benefits Program? Eager to discern whether these programs are authentic or fraudulent?

For those constantly besieged by calls from insurance agents, distinguishing between genuine calls and scams is crucial. This article probes into a real-life instance of the American Benefits Program Scam, knowing how scammers exploit the fame of reputable organizations like American Senior Benefits to deceive and defraud United States senior citizens. Additionally, it provides insights into strategies to safeguard oneself from such scams.

American Benefits Program Scam

In the United States, numerous organizations and schemes aim to assist senior citizens in leading fulfilling lives. One such entity is American Senior Benefits, a trusted organization

providing health, medical insurance, and monetary policies to senior citizens. Exploiting the credibility of this organization, scammers have rebranded themselves as “American Benefits,” targeting unsuspecting citizens to pilfer money or obtain personal details.

Is the American Benefits Program Real?

While “American Senior Benefits” is a legitimate organization offering valuable services to senior citizens, the so-called “American Benefits Program” is a fraudulent telemarketing scheme. Operating from countries like India and the Philippines, this scam program engages in deceptive practices, including issuing fake insurance, medical care services, and medical equipment at purportedly discounted prices.

Is the American Benefits Program Legit?

The authenticity of the “American Senior Benefits” scheme stands, providing genuine assistance to senior citizens regarding insurance and coverage for health, wealth, and medical needs. On the other hand, the “American Benefits Program” is nothing more than a telemarketing scam. The legitimate benefits program employs professional advisors, tailoring plans to the income of senior citizens, ensuring a genuine and beneficial service.

Protecting Oneself from the American Benefits Scam

  • In the United States, the “National Do Not Call Registry” serves as a protective measure against scams and telemarketing calls. Registering a number on this portal prevents the reception of such calls, allowing for up to three numbers per person.
  • Alternatively, users can employ apps like Robocall, Hiya, or True caller to block scam numbers.
  • American Benefits Program Scam numbers often originate from different countries, making it easier to detect their origin.
  • In the event of encountering scam calls, individuals can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • It is advisable to keep personal information private when dealing with telemarketers. Legitimate telemarketers refrain from soliciting private details over the phone.


This article has thoroughly examined the American Benefits Program scam, addressing concerns about its authenticity. In a digital landscape where scams can unfold through a simple phone call, vigilance is paramount. Staying alert to calls and messages on mobile phones is crucial to thwart potential financial losses.

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