Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter: Know in detail on Account and Picture

Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter: Know in detail on Account and Picture

Please explore ‘Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter’ account and learn more about this trending viral news concerning Chrisean Rock.

This news has gained significant attention from individuals in the United States, South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This post probes into the details of Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter.

What is Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter About?

Recent reports indicate that Rapper Blueface faced significant criticism on social media after sharing a graphic image of his newborn baby. These obvious social media posts raised concerns about the father’s lack of planning, with many people expressing concerns about Blueface’s son’s hernia picture and overall well-being.

Blueface’s Official Tweet

On September 24, Blueface and his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock posted a photo of their newborn baby on their twitter account. Blueface, while sharing a subtle image of his son, expressed his girlfriend’s concerns about their baby’s condition. In the tweet, he mentioned that their son had not undergone hernia surgery. He also insinuated that Chrisean was not a responsible mother, alleging that she prioritized her own desires over their child’s medical appointments.

However, following the backlash and criticism he received for sharing the Blueface Baby Hernia Picture, he attempted to deflect blame. In a subsequent tweet, he claimed that his phone had been stolen, and his account had been hacked.

How did Chrisean Rock Retort?

In response to Blueface’s accusations on social media, Chrisean Rock did not remain passive. She stated that their son indeed required surgery but had not undergone any surgical procedure. She criticized Blueface for publicly discussing their child’s medical condition.

Public Reaction to Blueface Baby Hernia Photos on Twitter

People were shocked that a father would discuss his son’s sensitive medical condition and share private images online. Many individuals took this matter seriously and called for strict action to be taken against Blueface for his actions. The reactions on Twitter varied, but they all conveyed frustration and disappointment with how he handled the situation.

Legal Actions

During an Instagram live session, Chrisean Rock commented on the situation, stating that Blueface might face legal consequences. She mentioned pressing charges and having her attorney working on the matter. She disputed Blueface’s claim that his Twitter account had been hacked.


The Blueface Son Hernia Picture controversy sparked significant criticism on the internet. People had contradictory reactions to how both Blueface and Chrisean Rock handled the situation. The incident garnered widespread attention on Twitter and quickly went viral. Both parties engaged in mutual blame on Blueface’s Twitter Account Hernia images.

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