Exploring Buscadorprimarias2023.com: Visions Exposed

Buscadorprimarias2023.com: Are you aware that on the 22nd of October 2023, opposition parties made a significant announcement regarding primary elections? These elections aim to select their presidential candidate, challenging Nicolas Maduro, who has held the presidential office in Venezuela since 2013.

Buscadorprimarias2023.com, which translates to Comisión Nacional de Primarias (CNP), is a new website linked to this event. Let’s get into the details surrounding Buscadorprimarias2023.com.

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What is Buscadorprimarias2023.com?

Buscadorprimarias2023.com appears to be a recently created domain, likely intended for future profit through sale. To cover its expenses, the website features default links from sponsors, mainly in the field of education. These sponsored links lead to news and knowledge-based websites such as:

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Apart from these sponsored links, Buscadorprimarias2023.com has little content, except for its privacy policy, which redirects users to the privacy policy of Skenzo Ltd. Skenzo Ltd is a notable service provider specializing in traffic monetization. Interestingly, Buscadorprimarias2023.com translates to the National Primary Commission of Venezuela.

Comisión Nacional de Primarias

Comisión Nacional de Primarias (CNP) in Venezuela was established on the 20th of February 2012. This organization plays a vital role in planning and overseeing primary elections across the country, ensuring adherence to fair practices and regulations when political parties or groups select their candidates for presidential or local government elections.

Interestingly, several Facebook posts advised Venezuelans to refer to Buscadorprimarias2023.com for information about their voting locations. However, this information was notably absent on the Buscadorprimarias2023.com website.

Features of Buscadorprimarias2023.com

Buscadorprimarias2023.com was accessed not only in its primary demographic target, Venezuela, but also in Peru and the USA. Despite its intended audience, Buscadorprimarias2023.com received very little traffic, with an average of zero visitors, giving it a traffic value of $0. Additionally, the website did not include backlinks.

As for performance, Buscadorprimarias2023.com is quite efficient. It boasts a quick loading time of just 36 milliseconds, a remarkable 97% A-performance grade, and a modest landing page size of 49 kB. Furthermore, the website uses a secure HTTPS protocol and is not blacklisted. Its IP address ( has Low-Domain Validated Certificates (DV-SSL) that are valid for the next 47 days. Buscadorprimarias2023.com operates through servers targeting ns1.bodis.com (located in Great Britain) and ns2.bodis.com (located in the USA).

Legitimacy of the Website

Buscadorprimarias2023.com does not inspire much trust, scoring only 32%. It is associated with a high level of suspicion (100%) and carries potential threats (71%). There are also concerns about phishing (11%), malware (71%), and spam (1%). In terms of rankings, the website has an Alexa rank of 439,742 and a Domain Authority of 1/100. The website’s identity and contact details are concealed through paid privacy services from diymysite.com.

Registration Details

Buscadorprimarias2023.com was registered quite recently, just one month and fourteen days ago, on the 3rd of September 2023, in China. It was last updated on the same day as its registration. This suggests a short lifespan for the website, as its registration is set to expire in ten months and eighteen days, on the 3rd of September 2024. The website is registered with Cloud Yuqu LLC, with its ISP provided by Bodis LLC in the USA.

Buscadorprimarias2023.com Reviews

Surprisingly, Buscadorprimarias2023.com does not facilitate customer reviews or blogging. Social media, customer review platforms, and YouTube also lack individual reviews for this website.

Five website reviews available suggest that Buscadorprimarias2023.com may be a potential scam, with high risks associated with online transactions, posing threats to user devices and their personal and payment information.


There’s speculation that Buscadorprimarias2023.com might be available for sale next year, as presidential elections are scheduled in Venezuela for 2024, with the elected president taking office from the 10th of January 2025. It’s possible that this website will gain popularity among Venezuelans searching for the National Primary Commission Venezuela’s website, given its URL’s relevance.

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