Ceiling Challenge TikTok: Find Exclusive Details on the Trend and Bianca Nande’s Involvement

Ceiling Challenge Tiktok: This post is about the latest trend taking TikTok by storm – the Ceiling Challenge, its origin, and the involvement of TikTok sensation Bianca Nande. Know the details of the Ceiling Challenge and its presence on Twitter.

Ceiling Challenge TikTok

Since October 2023, the Ceiling Challenge has been captivating TikTok users worldwide. The premise of the challenge involves placing phones on the ceiling and creating entertaining videos. Participants showcase their creativity by dancing, twerking, and performing various moves while the phone is secured on the ceiling. The accompanying sound used in the videos is “Surround Sound” by J.I.D. This trend has gained significant traction, with users generating millions of views by putting their unique spin on the challenge.

Ceiling Challenge on Twitter

The popularity of the Ceiling Challenge on TikTok has spilled over to Twitter, where users share their challenge videos and garner views. Notably, a tweet by @juststeph001 reported an unconfirmed incident of a student from Madonna University in Nigeria allegedly being expelled for participating in the challenge on campus. While unverified, this news highlights the extent to which the challenge has permeated different platforms.

The Ceiling Challenge

The Ceiling Challenge entails placing phones on the ceiling to record videos, showcasing individuals’ creative expressions. The challenge gained momentum when TikTok user @arcsteelandconcrete posted a video on October 28, amassing over 12 million views. Subsequently, other users, including @retirementhouse and @screech.vibes, contributed to the trend’s popularity with their own videos.

Bianca Nande and the Ceiling Challenge

Bianca Nande, a prominent TikToker known for her engaging content, joined the wave of participants in the Ceiling Challenge. Posting her own video on TikTok, Bianca Nande contributed to the trend’s spread, garnering likes and comments from her followers. The challenge has become a means for users to gain visibility on the TikTok For You Page (FYP).


The Ceiling Challenge has emerged as a viral sensation on TikTok, with users worldwide participating in this entertaining trend. The challenge’s crossover to Twitter and the involvement of influencers like Bianca Nande further amplify its reach. Whether you’re a TikTok enthusiast or just curious about the latest trends, the Ceiling Challenge provides a light-hearted and creative space for user expression.

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