Drive By Video Goes Viral On Twitter: Knowing Details of Shooting Clip on Reddit

This post probes into the Drive By Video Viral On Twitter, offering comprehensive details on the Drive By Shooting Video Reddit.

Have you witnessed the drive-by video that’s creating waves on the internet? Wondering about its contents? The Drive By Video Viral On Twitter features a tragic incident where a renowned rapper was fatally shot during an Instagram live session in his car. This incident sheds light on the alarming increase in drive-by cases in the United States. In this article, we’ll provide you with in-depth information on prominent drive-by cases in the country.

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Drive By Video Viral On Twitter

The viral drive-by video is circulating on the internet, showcasing instances of drive-by shootings, a disturbing trend on the rise. Notably, a rapper known as Indian Red Boy was live on his Instagram account when he was shot dead while driving his car in broad daylight. The video footage of the rapper’s tragic demise has been widely shared on social media platforms, particularly Twitter. Despite efforts to remove the video from various platforms, it still persists on Twitter, shared by some users.

Another Drive By Shooting Video

The menace of drive-by shootings is not confined to a single incident. Another recent case involves a man and a woman arrested for a shooting in Guildford on November 27. The shooting incident was captured on video, although the footage is not publicly available. Following the incident, law enforcement was called to investigate. The woman was initially arrested at the scene but later released. Subsequently, both the woman and a thirty-year-old man were arrested again. The woman faces two charges, while the man faces three.

Additional Drive By Shooting Video on Reddit

Reddit serves as a platform where various drive-by shooting case videos gain attention. One noteworthy case dates back to 2017 in San Antonio, where a drive-by shooting resulted in the tragic death of a 4-year-old boy named De’Earlvion Whitley. The surveillance footage from J Street played a crucial role in the investigation. The police revealed that the incident was linked to the violence prevailing in 2017. Three individuals were charged with murder, including Quentin Phillips.

Indian Red Boy Drive By Shooting Video

In 2021, the infamous drive-by shooting incident took the life of the renowned rapper Indian Red Boy (Zerail Dijon Rivera) while he was driving. The rapper was live on Instagram when the sudden, fatal shooting occurred. Though efforts have been made to remove the video from various platforms, remnants of the incident can still be found on Twitter. The video captures the stark reality of drive-by violence that has claimed the lives of several individuals.


To sum up, this post sheds light on the disturbing prevalence of drive-by shootings in the United States, bringing attention to the viral video of a rapper shot dead during an Instagram live session. The incident has sparked discussions about the rise in such cases, and the videos, despite removal attempts, continue to circulate on social media platforms. The drive-by shooting phenomenon remains a concerning trend affecting communities.

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