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The Menino Do Cerol video and the widely shared Idosa Da Carreta Portal Zacarias video stunned internet users.

In your life, how many graphic videos have you watched? Two videos of Portugal and Brazil have been circulating on social media recently. The horrifying accident videos were posted on the Portal Do Zacarias website. The two videos are about mishaps.

The Idosa Da Carreta Portal Zacarias Video has already gone viral, with viewers from several nations. After watching the footage, they were instantly filled with regret. Everyone was shocked by the horrifying events in the video. Please continue reading the post if you are not familiar with these widely shared accident films.

Idosa Da Carreta Portal Zacarias Video?

On January 31, 2021, in the central south zone of Manaus, an unidentified woman was involved in a serious car accident on Avenida Efigênio Sales (formerly known as Estrada do V-8). “Elderly or old” is what the Portuguese term “Idosa” denotes. The elderly woman was the one facing the mishap. Furthermore, “Carreta” in Portuguese denotes “A two-wheeled cart.”

Understanding these two Portuguese phrases will help you picture what might occur in the Portal Zacarias Idosa Carreta video. The woman was struck by a Transchico Company trailer while she was riding her bicycle. The elderly lady was abandoned to suffer on the pavement. She had numerous wounds all over her body, and they were gushing.

On February 2, 2021, the video was posted to the Portal Do Zacarias website. Even though the incident happened more than two years ago, people are still looking for the video. For their own mental health, they shouldn’t watch the video, though.

In The Video, What Occurred Next?

Some reports state that the injured woman was saved by the Samu team. This information was disclosed by the military police officers of the 23rd Cicom. The woman’s condition was grave. The injured woman was admitted to Dr. João Lúcio Pereira Hospital right away by the Samu team. She was brought to the emergency room by the doctors. The doctors were equally disturbed by the Portal Zacarias Idosa Carreta clip.

Nevertheless, no more information regarding the injured woman’s health is known. The trailer’s driver was another person the police looked for. But they were unable to locate any evidence of that motorist. It is therefore difficult to determine whether the injured woman is still alive and whether the police have made an arrest.

Contents of the Portal Zacarias Menino Do Cerol video

“Menino” is the Portuguese word for “boy.” Furthermore, “Cerol” is short for “wax.” The occurrence under discussion took place in the Caucaia city. Caucaia is located in Brazil’s Fortaleza Metropolitan Region. The video, which has been making the rounds on social media, showed a terrifying motorbike crash.

Leôncio Braga, a 24-year-old man, is the accident victim of the Portal Zacarias Menino Do Cerol. On the BR-020 motorway, Leôncio Braga was riding his motorbike when all of a sudden, a cerol line slashed his throat. Leôncio Braga’s throat was sliced by the razor-sharp cerol or wax line. Leôncio Braga’s body may be seen on the side of the road in the widely shared footage.

What transpired with Leôncio Braga?

Regretfully, Leôncio Braga died as a result of the serious slash on his throat. He was a volunteer at São José Operário Parish, a religious organisation. Authorities, including military police and forensic specialists, arrived to the scene of the collision immediately to begin an investigation. The 23rd Police District’s Civil Police looked into the incident and raised awareness about the dangers of utilising wax threads in kites.

Is it possible to locate the videos online?

Indeed. The videos are available on the Portal Do Zacarias webpage. Still, there are a number of screenshots and little snippets of the original videos available. However, it might be best to forego looking for the videos.


‘Você Vai Tremer’, meaning ‘You Will Tremble’, is a footage that came out released on the Portal do Zacarias website. The footage has a horrible crash of a car and bike in which a man missed his life.

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