Is Thembisa Mdoda Pregnant in 2023: Get the All Details Here

Is Thembisa Mdoda Pregnant in 2023: Thembisa Nxumalo, who used to be called Thembisa Mdoda, is a well-known South African TV personality and actress. She has had a diverse career in the entertainment world. She was born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa, and she went to the University of the Witwatersrand, where she got a degree in Graphic Design.

Personal Details of Thembisa Liyema Mdoda

Thembisa Liyema Mdoda was born on November 16, 1982 at Mthatha of Eastern Cape, South Africa.

She received her education at University of the Witwatersrand. Thembisa is famous for being good at a lot of things. Regarding her profession, she hosts TV shows, acts in different roles, and even shows off her dancing skills in competitions.

Her family includes her husband, Eric Nxumalo with whom she got married in 2020. And, she is a mother of twin Boys (from her previous marriage)

Is Thembisa Mdoda Pregnant in 2023?

In 2023, Thembisa Mdoda shared some exciting news on her Instagram. She announced that she’s pregnant and expecting a baby boy with her husband, Eric Nxumalo, whom she married in 2020. Thembisa couldn’t contain her joy and even made a playful comment about needing a bigger car and lots of diapers. She also gave a shout-out to her close friend, Nomsa Madida, for being there for her during this special time.

Who is Thembisa Mdoda’s Husband?

Now, if you’re wondering who Thembisa Mdoda’s husband is, his name is Eric Nxumalo, and they got married in 2020. It’s interesting to note that before her marriage to Eric, Thembisa was previously married to Atandwa Kani, and during that marriage, she had twin boys. Thembisa’s personal life has attracted public attention, but she continues to do well in her entertainment career.

Thembisa Mdoda’s Pregnancy Announcement

In a heartwarming moment, Thembisa Mdoda excitedly shared her pregnancy news with her fans on Instagram. The South African TV personality and actress couldn’t contain her joy as she announced the upcoming addition to her family. Thembisa, who isn’t one to make big announcements, made an exception this time due to her overwhelming happiness.

Her announcement had a playful touch, with jokes about needing a bigger car and lots of diapers. She even used the hashtag #ItsABoy. Thembisa’s Instagram post also expressed gratitude to her close friend, Nomsa Madida, for providing love and support during this special time.

Fans and fellow celebrities were deeply touched by Thembisa’s pregnancy news, showering her with warm wishes and congratulations. It became a heartwarming moment in her journey that resonated with many.

How Old is Thembisa Mdoda?

Thembisa Mdoda came into this world on November 16, 1982, and as of 2023, she’s now 40 years old. Throughout the years, she has left a big mark in the South African entertainment scene. Her age speaks to the wealth of experience and the many different things she’s done as a TV personality, actress, and host of well-loved shows. Even with all the ups and downs in her personal life, Thembisa’s career is still going strong, and she’s earned a lot of respect in the entertainment industry.

Thembisa Mdoda Twins

Thembisa Mdoda has twin boys from her previous marriage to Atandwa Kani. Their parentage became a media topic due to accusations of infidelity, leading to a DNA test that revealed Atandwa Kani wasn’t the twins’ biological father. This added complexity to Thembisa’s life journey, but she’s handled it with grace and strength. Despite life’s challenges, her dedication to her career and adaptability have made her a respected figure in South African entertainment.

Thembisa Mdoda Nationality

Thembisa Mdoda is a proud South African citizen, and her roots are deeply connected to the country’s rich culture. She has not only made a significant impact on the local entertainment scene but has also represented South Africa on various platforms, showcasing her talent and charisma.

Thembisa Mdoda’s Career

Thembisa Mdoda’s career shows how talented and versatile she is in the entertainment world. She started as a newsreader on Wits radio and then moved into entertainment. She became well-known for hosting the popular reality show “Our Perfect Wedding,” where her charm and hosting skills won over viewers. Thembisa has also acted in different shows like “The Road” and “House of Zwide,” where she played all sorts of characters.

But she didn’t stop there. Thembisa even showed off her dancing skills on “Dancing with the Stars SA.” She’s hosted game shows on TV and radio programs like the “Weekend Breakfast Show” on Metro FM. Her career path shows how she can adapt and work hard, earning her respect and love in the South African entertainment world.

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