Marcus Rosebrock LinkedIn: Check the Full Information on Forest Hills NY

Marcus Rosebrock Linkedin: Are you familiar with Marcus Rosebrock and curious about his LinkedIn profile? Marcus Rosebrock’s LinkedIn has been a topic of interest for many as his involvement in an incident has garnered significant attention. In this post, we aim to provide you with comprehensive details about Marcus Rosebrock.

Marcus Rosebrock LinkedIn Profile

According to our sources, Marcus Rosebrock’s LinkedIn profile is currently unavailable on the platform. Marcus Rosebrock, a resident of the United States, found himself at the center of controversy when he was accused of engaging in a racially insensitive act during an incident in September 2022. This incident has sparked considerable interest and discussion.

The Allegations Against Marcus Rosebrock

The controversy surrounding Marcus Rosebrock revolves around an incident that took place in September 2022 in Forest Hills, New York. During a party hosted by Dr. Claude Duroseau, Marcus Rosebrock was accused of intentionally splashing water on Latino and Black guests using a hose. The party was in full swing, with neighbors and their guests enjoying themselves in the yard when the unexpected incident occurred. 

The party attendees quickly realized that the water had been deliberately sprayed from the neighboring property, seemingly with the intention of disrupting the music and festivities. Dr. Claude Duroseau, the host of the party, claimed that the act was racially motivated.

Dr. Claude Duroseau’s Perspective

Dr. Claude Duroseau, the party host, alleged that the water had been intentionally thrown to disrupt the music and bring an end to the festivities. He stated that had someone simply asked him to lower the volume because their children were trying to sleep, he would have done so without hesitation.

Legal Action Taken

In response to the incident, Dr Claude Duroseau and his family filed a lawsuit against Marcus Rosebrock, alleging that his actions were racially motivated. Dr Duroseau revealed that, even a year after the incident, he continues to experience emotional distress and trauma as a result of what transpired.

Marcus Rosebrock’s Defence

Marcus Rosebrock, in his defence, has denied all allegations of racism. He contends that his actions were driven by a desire to protect his property and his children. He explained that he had received death threats and expressed concerns for his family’s safety in the wake of the incident.

Additional Background

Marcus Rosebrock hails from Germany and has been accused of engaging in racially discriminatory behaviour towards his neighbours in the United States. The incident has garnered attention on social media platforms, where people have expressed their opinions on the matter and criticized Marcus Rosebrock for his alleged actions.

Despite the allegations, Marcus Rosebrock has consistently denied any racist intent. The dispute remains ongoing, and Marcus has taken steps to enhance security at his residence, including the installation of security cameras, in response to the threatening calls he has received.


To sum up, as of our research, we were unable to locate Marcus Rosebrock’s LinkedIn profile. The situation involving Marcus Rosebrock is ongoing, with allegations of racial bias at the centre of the controversy. Marcus has vehemently denied these allegations, and the incident continues to be a subject of discussion. For further updates on Marcus Rosebrock and this matter, you can refer to this page.

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