Exclusive Probe into the Mary Lou Retton Scam and Her Current Situation

Mary Lou Retton Scam: Recently, there has been a buzz about the “Mary Lou Retton Scam,” leaving many people curious about the gymnast’s net worth, marital status, and financial situation. In this post, we aim to provide clarity on these matters.

The Mary Lou Retton Scam

Mary Lou Retton is a celebrated figure in the gymnastics world. She made history by clinching the first-ever gold medal for a female gymnast at the 1984 Olympics. However, concerning news has emerged about her current condition.

Reports indicate that Mary Lou Retton is currently in the ICU, battling a rare and severe medical condition. Her daughter, Shayla Kelly, has shared the family’s struggle to cover her mounting medical bills, given the worsening state of her health. The online community has stepped in to assist in fundraising efforts to support Mary Lou’s healthcare expenses. This situation has raised concerns and led some to question the healthcare system, dubbing it a “scam.”

Is Mary Lou Retton Facing Financial Hardship?

Mary Lou Retton’s daughter, Shayla Kelly, has shed light on her mother’s precarious health condition and the substantial medical bills that the family is grappling with. As a result, they initiated a fundraising campaign to help alleviate the financial burden. This revelation has left many shocked and prompted discussions about the affordability of healthcare. The fact that an Olympic gold medallist is facing such financial challenges has sparked broader concerns about uninsured individuals and the healthcare system.

Mary Lou Retton’s Marital Status

Mary Lou Retton was born in West Virginia on January 24, 1968. Her gymnastics journey began at a young age, and her natural talent and dedication quickly garnered attention from coaches. She rose to prominence as a formidable gymnast, eventually making Olympic history at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics when she was just 16 years old.

Mary Lou Retton was previously married to Shannon Kelley; however, the couple divorced in 2018.

Mary Lou Retton’s Net Worth

Mary Lou Retton’s net worth is estimated at $200,000 according to online sources. Her primary source of income stems from her gymnastics career and various guest appearances. Retton has remained deeply involved in promoting the sport of gymnastics. She has served as a commentator for gymnastics events and actively advocated for the sport at all levels. Additionally, she continues to advocate for fitness and health, encouraging people of all ages to lead active lives.

Stay Informed on social media

Mary Lou Retton boasts over 86 thousand followers on Instagram, where you can stay updated on her journey and engage with her online community.


The Mary Lou Retton Scam buzz pertains to her challenging health situation and the subsequent fundraising efforts. She may not be financially broke, but her significant medical expenses have prompted discussions about healthcare accessibility. If you have insights into Mary Lou Retton’s net worth, feel free to share your knowledge.

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