Mauga Overwatch Voice Actor: Find Who Is in The Recent Declaration

Discover the details regarding the Mauga Overwatch voice actor and learn about the characters in Overwatch 2. Are you up to date with the newest hero in Overwatch 2? Will this hero be the saviour of Overwatch?

Find out when players from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada can access this hero. Join us in exploring the world of Mauga and uncovering essential information in this Mauga Overwatch Voice Actor post.


In the latest Overwatch 2 announcement, the character Mauga was introduced, and players are eager to learn more about this new addition to the game. Mauga is expected to be a strong character and potentially a saviour for the game, which has faced some controversies and issues.

Mauga Overwatch Voice Actor

Mauga, a Tank Hero, will be playable in all modes except Competitive. Players in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada can access a limited-time free trial period for Mauga from November 3-5. This new character comes with immense firepower and abilities to break through opponents’ front lines and eliminate anyone in his path.

Mauga’s Abilities

Some of Mauga’s abilities include using an Incendiary Chaingun named Gunny to burn enemies, a Volatile Chaingun called Cha-cha that inflicts critical damage on burning enemies, and the ability to self-heal, charge forward, and gain temporary health when taking critical damage.

The Voice Actor for Mauga

However, the voice actor for Mauga in Overwatch 2 has not been officially revealed yet, and fans may have to wait for the Overwatch 2 season 8 release on December 5 for more information.

Overwatch 2: A Diverse Roster

Overwatch 2 offers a diverse roster of 38 playable characters, with Mauga being the latest addition. The game was developed as a sequel to the original Overwatch and introduced new characters to address pacing issues. Each team in Overwatch 2 consists of two damage, two support, and one tank hero, making for a balanced gameplay experience.

Anticipation in the Overwatch Community

As players eagerly await more details about Mauga, the Overwatch community is eagerly waiting. Stay tuned for further updates on Mauga, including the announcement of the voice actor.

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