Michael Giorgi Obituary: Details on His Biography, Age, Parents, and Net Worth

Michael Giorgi Obituary: The passing of Michael Giorgi has prompted many to seek information about his life, as well as details about his obituary. Michael Giorgi, who recently departed, has garnered significant attention from individuals across the United States who are searching for information regarding his obituary. In this post, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of Michael Giorgi’s life, including essential details about his death.

Michael Giorgi Obituary

Michael Giorgi’s obituary indicates that he passed away on November 4. The funeral service for Michael Giorgi is scheduled to occur at 19 East Main Street, Hudson, Ohio, specifically at the Johnson-Romito Funeral Home. The funeral is set for November 9 at 10 AM. On November 8, between 4 PM and 7 PM, family and friends will gather at the funeral home to pay their respects.

Mike Giorgi in Hudson, Ohio

The funeral service for Michael Giorgi is to be conducted in Hudson, Ohio. The final rites for Michael Giorgi will be held at the Johnson-Romito Funeral Home, and the service will commence at 10 AM.

Mike Giorgi’s Wiki

Michael Giorgi, born on March 17, 1975, was a beloved figure among his family and friends. He had a deep affection for travel, spending quality time with loved ones, an enthusiasm for automobiles, golf, and a passion for cooking. His Wiki profile reveals that he is survived by his children, parents, wife, sister, and niece. However, the specific cause of his death has not been disclosed.

Biography of Michael Giorgi

Michael Giorgi was a charismatic individual who played various roles in life, including being a father, son, husband, friend, brother, and uncle. His connection with his family ran deep. At the time of his passing, Michael was 48 years old. The date, time, and venue for his funeral have been determined. Michael’s family and friends will gather to bid their final farewells. Nevertheless, Michael’s family has not released extensive information regarding the circumstances of his death.

Michael Giorgi’s Parents

Michael Giorgi’s parents are Paolo and Nee Jordan (Patricia). He leaves behind three sons, named Marcello, Michelle, and Enzo. Michael was married to Nora Herold Giorgi, with whom he had three children. Michael Giorgi’s parents and family were present during his final moments, and the last rites will be performed in the company of his family and friends.

Michael Giorgi’s Net Worth

Information about Michael Giorgi’s net worth remains undisclosed. Despite conducting a search, no relevant results were found. It is worth noting that individuals with similar names may have made the search more challenging, thus making it difficult to ascertain the net worth of the specific Michael Giorgi who passed away on November 4. As further information becomes available, we will ensure that you are kept updated regarding Michael Giorgi’s net worth.

Social Media Links

There are no available social media links associated with Michael Giorgi.


This post provides insights into the life of Michael Giorgi, covering details about his age, parents, and net worth. Michael’s passing on November 4 marks the end of a life that touched the hearts of many. The funeral service is set to take place at the Johnson-Romito Funeral Home in Hudson. While details about his passing remain limited, his memory lives on.

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