Roz Varon Net Worth: Wiki, Career & All Know About Roz Varon

Roz Varon has made her own niche in the journalistic scene of Chicago and has marked her place with a lasting impression that spans three years. A three-time Emmy Award-winning reporter, her work is an evidence of her unwavering passion and dedication for telling stories, especially in the field of transportation and traffic.

Who is Roz Varon?

In the center of ABC 7 Eyewitness News in Chicago, Roz Varon has been a pioneer in the field of anchor of transportation and traffic. Born on the 25th of November 1957 in New York, Varon’s journey to journalism is exemplified by her commitment and dedication to excellence in broadcasting.

The Educational Pathway

A proud alumni from Columbia College Chicago, Varon graduated in 1980 with an Associate of Arts in Broadcast Communications. Her time at Columbia College was not only about education; they also included practical experience, and laying the basis for her job in ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

Beyond Journalism: Interests and Advocacy

Varon’s life is enriched by her passions and activism. She is a cancer survivor who battled Stage 4 breast cancer, she is a model of resilience, active in cancer awareness programs. In her book “On the Road with Roz: Adventures in Travel and Life,” captures her passion for exploring and adventure.

A glimpse into the personal life of a person

Wed with Glen Janz since June 11 in 2005, Varon’s private life is one of love, support and cooperation. Living in west suburban Chicago their home is a sanctuary of warmth, shared by the couple’s daughter Sara Janz, two dogs and one cat.

A Career of Distinction

Roz Varon’s time at ABC7 Chicago is marked by many achievements and aplauds. As Chicago’s first TV morning traffic reporter, she’s now an established name, leading many viewers through the city’s busy streets.

Legacy and Net Worth

As Varon gets ready to retire her legacy will be an amalgamation of professional accomplishments and personal victories. With a net worth that ranges from one million dollars to five million dollars, her life is one of achievement that is characterized by determination and tenacity.


Roz Varon’s life is a story of triumph over barriers, accepting life and leaving a long-lasting legacy. Her work goes past the screens, touching people through storytelling, advocacy, and a constant spirit of perseverance.


What is it that makes Roz Varon an exceptional journalist? 

Roz Varon stands out for her role as a pioneer for traffic reportage, her captivating narrative, and dedication to advocacy, especially in raising awareness about breast cancer.

What have Roz Varon been a positive influence on the world? 

Beyond her journalistic projects, Varon is deeply involved in volunteer work for the community, such as her involvement in The Anti-Cruelty Society and her motivational speaking engagements.

What’s Roz Varon’s message to budding reporters? 

While Varon’s specific message to aspiring journalists may differ, her professional career has demonstrated the importance of perseverance as well as a passion for what one does and the importance of telling stories.

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