The Best Heels for Each Zodiac Sign: know Style That Reflects Your Inner Passion and Energy

An ensemble can be made or broken by the correct shoes, especially when those shoes are heels. We can all use a little inspiration from time to time, whether we’re fashionistas who know our difference between slingbacks and stilettos or someone who only wears heels on special occasions. Additionally, astrology can highlight a look that embodies your inner fervour and vigour. For this reason, we contacted Best Life’s in-house astrologer to provide us with advice on the kind of heels you ought to wear according to your sign.

The Best Heels for Each Zodiac Sign

Are you going to show off on two platforms? or conquer the boardroom while wearing your go-to pumps? To find out, continue reading.

Aries: Block Heels

block heels

Aries individuals exude confidence and flair in their fashion choices, always wanting to make a noticeable statement. The perfect addition to their wardrobe is a pair of block heels, providing both functionality and style. The chunky wedges offer stability, keeping the Aries grounded as they empower you through their dynamic day.

Taurus: Kitten Heels

Close up of a woman's legs in tights putting heels on while sitting on couch

Taurus embrace quiet luxury in their fashion sense, and the kitten heel perfectly aligns with their understated yet elegant style. These subtle heels are versatile, complementing jeans, skirts, or dresses. Professional enough for work and sexy enough for evening drinks, the kitten heel becomes a timeless investment piece for the Taurus.

Gemini: Slingbacks

Close up of a woman's lower legs wearing a pair of lime green Prada slingback heels.

Known for their curiosity and creativity, Geminis exhibit an unpredictable fashion taste. For this zodiac sign, classic and versatile choices like slingbacks are ideal. Fashionable and flattering, slingbacks allow Geminis to navigate their busy days and numerous social engagements with ease.

Cancer: Wedges

Espadrille Shoes

Cancers appreciate the elegance of heels but prioritize comfort. Wedges provide the desired height and elongating effect while ensuring stability with sturdy soles and supportive ankle straps. This choice allows the comfort-loving Cancer to feel at ease and confident, especially when venturing out for social activities.

Leo: Platform Heels

Close up of a woman's legs wearing chunky white and silver platform sandals on a cobblestone street

Leos are all about adding glitz and glam to their style, seeking attention and turning heads wherever they go. Platform heels become the perfect choice, offering both height and a chunky design that allows easy walking and dancing—essential for Leo’s party animal tendencies.

Virgo: Pumps


Virgos are known for their impeccable yet effortless style, preferring a clutter-free wardrobe. The classic and timeless design of patent leather pumps makes them an excellent choice for Virgos. Versatile and chic, these pumps seamlessly fit into the existing capsule wardrobe, reflecting the Virgo’s perfectionist approach.

Libra: D’Orsay Heels

pink heels

Libras view fashion as a form of self-expression, combining classic design elements with an artistic twist. D’Orsay heels, with their stylish side cut-out, perfectly align with Libra’s sophisticated and sexy style. This shoe choice allows Libras to showcase their fashion-forward personality while maintaining a touch of elegance.

Scorpio: Stilettos

platform heels

Scorpios, known for their sensual nature, demand heels with edge and flair, reflecting their reserved yet impactful personality. Stilettos, with their staggering height, become the perfect choice. Scorpios thrive on challenges, and these heels not only impress everyone around them but also evoke a strong sense of sexiness, making them impossible to ignore.

Sagittarius: Peep-Toe Heels

Woman with posing in black-and-white polka dot summer dress and black high heels

Free-spirited and adventurous Sagittarians approach fashion with passion and creativity. Their spontaneous nature calls for heels that effortlessly complement any outfit. Fun and flirty peep-toe heels become the ideal choice for Sagittarians, allowing them to add a personal touch, perhaps with a brightly coloured pedicure or a stylish toe ring.

Capricorn: Strappy Heels

ankle strap heels

Capricorns are synonymous with class and well-put-together fashion. While not the most daring, they consistently exude sophistication. Strappy heels offer the perfect blend of flair and function for Capricorns. With delicate straps, these heels add a touch of sex appeal without being overly fussy, aligning seamlessly with Capricorn’s timeless style.

Aquarius: High-Heeled Booties

high heeled boots

Inventive and imaginative Aquarians have a unique and unconventional style, often uncovering hidden gems in thrift stores. While they might prefer going barefoot, Aquarians love to shock people. High-heeled booties become a bold statement piece, adding a touch of the unexpected to Aquarius’ eclectic outfits and showcasing their individuality.

Pisces: Lace-Up Heels

peep toe heels

Dreamy and romantic Pisceans are drawn to natural materials, flowing fabrics, and whimsical designs, creating a fairytale-like style. Lace-up heels perfectly encapsulate the soft and feminine aesthetics favored by Pisces. Opting for a pair in a pretty pastel color enhances the dreamy quality of these heels, making them an ideal choice for Pisces’ enchanting wardrobe.

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