Tyler Goodrich Lincoln NE: Details on the Disappearance of Tyler from Nebraska

Tyler Goodrich Lincoln Ne: This post provides information about Tyler Goodrich from Lincoln, Nebraska, who has gone missing. Tyler Goodrich’s disappearance has prompted his family and friends to make efforts to locate him. In this post, we will discuss the details of Tyler Goodrich’s case and the ongoing search for him.

Tyler Goodrich Lincoln NE

Tyler Goodrich, a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, has been missing for three days. Concerned family and friends are actively searching for him. The news of his disappearance gained attention online after his family posted about him on various websites and social media platforms.

Last Signal of Disappearance

On a Friday evening, Tyler went for a run and did not return home. His last known mobile phone signal was traced to the area near West Van Dorn streets and around Southwest 10th. The family has reported his disappearance to the police, but details about the investigation remain scarce. Limited information has been released by the family concerning Tyler Goodrich’s disappearance.

Identification of Tyler Goodrich, Lincoln Nebraska

Tyler Goodrich has been missing since November 3rd, after he went for a run. He was wearing a grey shirt and grey pants and had a Garmin watch. Tyler stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 180 pounds (81.6 kilograms). He is 35 years old. He began his run at 7:45 p.m. on that Friday. The family filed a missing person report, but there is no further information available about the progress of the investigation.

The family has provided the contact number 402-441-6500 for various Lancaster County offices for anyone with information about Tyler Goodrich. Online sources offer limited details about Tyler Goodrich Lincoln Nebraska, as not much information has been disclosed at this time.

Is Tyler Goodrich Found?

As of now, there have been no updates regarding Tyler Goodrich. The missing person report was filed with the police, but there is no additional information available on the websites. According to online reports, Tyler Goodrich has not been located yet. The news of his disappearance has been shared on various online platforms and social media.

A user on Twitter has also posted about Tyler, explaining the circumstances of his disappearance. However, detailed information about Tyler’s case remains limited. The news of Tyler Goodrich’s disappearance in Lincoln, NE, is circulating on the internet, and people are trying to gather more information about him.


Tyler Goodrich, a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, has gone missing after he went for a run. His last known location was near West Van Dorn Street. Despite efforts from his family and the community, there have been no updates on his whereabouts. The news of his disappearance has garnered attention on social media and news websites. We will continue to provide updates on the situation regarding Tyler Goodrich from Lincoln, NE.

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