Scam: Get All Details Here! Scam: In-Depth Findings and Reviews

The Scam report probes into a suspicious website and analyses its online reviews.

Have you recently received a text link claiming to lead you to the website? Is a legitimate presence in the digital realm? Numerous individuals in the United States have encountered a dubious text link purportedly from USPS on their mobile devices. This message urges the recipient to click the link to ensure timely delivery of their package.

The Scam aims to know on this questionable text link and verify the authenticity of the website it references.

Is Scam or Legitimate?

Several website review platforms have flagged as a fraudulent website, labelling it as deceptive. Their investigations have revealed that the USPS site has replicated its portal on the US Postal Services digital platform. This website specifically targets customers of the US postal service, attempting to solicit their personal information through fraudulent links.

As of the time of writing, the website is no longer accessible, and most scam detection websites lack verified information about it. The website seems to function as a subdomain of another scam website. Reviews

In an attempt to conceal their identity, scammers frequently alter the name of a domain or subdomain. It appears that the scammers employed a similar tactic to deceive individuals into sharing their personal information. The website once operated as a subdomain on another digital platform but is now inaccessible.

A Fraudulent Impersonation of US Postal Service

Numerous reputable rating websites have scrutinized this site and identified it as fraudulent. posts imitated the US Postal Service’s website, luring people in through text message links. These links were sent to individuals on their mobile devices with the intention of redirecting them to the fraudulent USPS site.

Text Message Scam Targets Personal Information Reviews website found that the text messages encouraged people to click the link to secure their package, requesting their shipping details for the delivery of their allegedly delayed parcel. Clicking on the link exposed individuals to potential malware or virus infections. Scammers can exploit the personal information provided on the fraudulent USPS website for identity theft, fraudulent transactions, or other malicious activities.

The scam website seeks personal details such as name, physical address, mobile number, and credit card information, which can be used for various types of fraudulent activities.

Action Plan for Scam Victims

Individuals should exercise caution and refrain from clicking on suspicious text message links, promptly reporting such incidents to the relevant authorities. Those who have fallen victim to the scam should take the following steps:

1. Contact the credit card company to report the incident, potentially cancelling fraudulent transactions made with the card.

2. Maintain detailed records of interactions with your bank and credit card company.

3. Alert friends and family to the text link scam and encourage them to report any such encounters.

4. Individuals who receive suspicious links from the Scam site can report the matter to the Federal Trade Commission or Crime Complaint Center.

How to Identify the Usps Text Message Scam?

To recognize the Usps text message scam, individuals can follow these guidelines:

1. Verify the tracking number on the USPS official website.

2. Scrutinize the text message for spelling or grammar errors.

3. Cross-check the website address with the official USPS site.


Vigilance is key, and it is essential to keep friends and family informed about ongoing text message link scams. The Scam is just one example of text link fraud, with several other similar scams in circulation.

Have you reported a text link scam to the relevant authorities? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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