Scam Exposed: Details on the Fraud with Reviews

Have you received a suspicious text link supposedly from USPS, urging you to visit This article probes into the scam, revealing its deceptive tactics and scrutinizing its reviews in the digital space.

Many United States citizens have recently found themselves on the receiving end of dubious text messages bearing a link to the website. These messages often promise timely package delivery, enticing the recipients to click the link. To address concerns surrounding the legitimacy of this website, we undertake an investigation into the scam.

Is a Scam or Legitimate?

The website has raised suspicions, with reports suggesting that it is associated with fraudulent activities. According to reviews on various website rating portals, this website is deemed fake and deceptive. It appears that the site mimics the digital platform of the United States Postal Service (USPS) to target USPS customers, luring them into sharing personal information through counterfeit links.

At the time of this writing, the website was inaccessible, and several scam detection websites lacked any legitimate information about it. This suggests that may be a subdomain of another fraudulent website, raising further concerns. Reviews

Fraudulent schemes often involve altering domain or subdomain names to obscure their true identities. The scammers seem to employ this tactic to deceive individuals into divulging personal details. The website previously operated as a subdomain of another digital platform but is now inaccessible. Exposed as a Fraudulent Scam

Numerous legitimate rating websites have scrutinized this site, exposing it as fraudulent. impersonated the USPS website and lured unsuspecting individuals with text message links, ostensibly offering assistance in resolving issues with their parcels. These links coerced people into providing their shipping addresses to facilitate the delivery of their supposedly stuck parcels. However, those who clicked the links risked infecting their devices with malware or viruses.

Scammers Exploit Personal Info for Fraud

Scammers exploit the personal information obtained via the fake USPS website for malicious purposes, including identity theft, fraudulent transactions, and other nefarious activities. The scam website solicits sensitive data such as names, physical addresses, mobile numbers, and credit card information.

How can Victims Mitigate the Impact?

Individuals who have fallen victim to the scam should take several steps to mitigate the impact:

  1. Contact the credit card company: Report the incident and inquire about cancelling any fraudulent transactions.
  2. Maintain detailed records: Keep records of all communications with banks and credit card companies.
  3. Alert friends and family: Inform loved ones about the text message scam and encourage them to remain vigilant.
  4. Report the scam: Victims should report the matter to the Federal Trade Commission or the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Step to Identify the Usps Text Message Scam

To identify the USPS text message scam, individuals can take the following precautions:

  • Double-check the tracking number: Verify the parcel’s tracking number on the genuine USPS website.
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors: Look for any language mistakes in the text message.
  • Compare the website address: Ensure that the website address matches the official USPS site.


The Scam underscores the importance of remaining vigilant against deceptive schemes. It’s crucial to stay informed and share information about ongoing text message link scams with family and friends. While this article focuses on the scam, it’s important to recognize that various other scams operate on similar principles, making awareness and caution vital.

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